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Personal Statement: Defining Personal Creativity - Essay Example

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CREATIVITY: DEFINED Creativity is defined as an adjective that can referred to any new creation (be it in anything) that has some value attached to it. As an example, we can call William Shakespeare creative since he created the legendary plays of Hamlet and Macbeth or we can call Fleming creative since he was creative enough to discover urea and penicillin…
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Personal Statement: Defining Personal Creativity
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Download file to see previous pages Creativity is not an acquired or learnt art. It is inherent and comes out according to the situation. It is indeed the transformation of some ideas into reality. Since it is inherent, it can be always displayed with some thoughtful improvisation and persistence. It has been noted, though, that many people are actually reluctant to show off their real creative skills since they actually are not involved directly in the decision making performance or they are fearful of what other people may think of them or because of the fact that they may lose their current position if they talk awkward. Creativity seems awkward when it’s first discussed, e.g. everyone denied Einstein theories at first but years after they discovered what a creative genius he was! There is another aspect of creativity which is the practical side on it. One can be only termed creative if creativity is applied rather than kept inside the head. This means that one has to not only think but have to make sure that the thinking is appropriately developed into some value (Young, 1985). Creativity can be of two major types. ...
Creativity is a complete procedure and constitutes of different steps. The foremost step involves recognition of problem and definition of scope of the problem. The second step is where you generally drop the idea for a while and think about different alternative approaches to the problem. The third step is however, the most important step which is when you get enlighten or get the solution, very similar to Archimedes discovery of finding the right mass of gold crown. This moment is generally an impulse moment but actually is the crux of the whole problem and indeed the focal point of the whole creative thought process. The final step is where a creative solution is applied over the problem and the results are analyzed to check how viable the solution is. Creativity can be used best if it is applied as a problem solving agent. The most surprising thing about this problem solving strategy is the fact that we sometimes defy the way our brain works. I say defy because solutions are normally worked on impulse and don’t require learning mechanisms which our brain is normally used to. That’s actually the point where creativity just comes out and solves the problem. The important thing about such solutions is the fact that these solutions wouldn’t have existed before and nobody should have prior knowledge about these problems or their respective solutions. These problems may be or may not be hypothesis but one thing is for sure that we do come across many of these problems in real world scenarios. This creative solution actually leads to an innovation which further down the road converts into a standard. Innovation is dependent on creativity though ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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