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Firms are currently operating in an ever-evolving and dynamic market, challenging and complex industry, and competitor environments. This has prompted firms to carefully analyse both the external and internal environments for opportunities…
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Business Strategy in Kellogg Company
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Download file to see previous pages The main external environment that necessitates firms to develop strategies include the general environment which entails demographic, economic, political/legal, socio-cultural, technological, global and physical trends, the interplay of the industry environment that often impact on the relationship between its customers and suppliers and competitors environment and analysis (Ireland, Hoskisson, & Hitt, 2008:59). Business strategy is a key plan of action for companies after the assessment of the above market factors and business environment and is often aimed at positioning the company, influencing the market balance and exploiting changes in the industry. This paper examines business strategies that have been employed by Kellogg Company and the reasons why such strategies have proved to be successful to the firm. Kellogg Company Business Strategy Kellogg Company is the leading producer of cereal and convenience foods such as cookies, toaster pastries, cereal bars, fruits snacks, frozen watts, and veggie foods in the world. Kellogg Company manufactures its products in more than seventeen countries and markets them across the world (Kellogg Company, 2012). The core reason for the establishment of Kellogg Company was for the Company to produce high quality, nutritious and great tasting food. The company has made tremendous growth and this can be evidenced by its ever-expanding market share and increased profits. The success can be attributed to the existence of key business strategies that ensures the growth of Kellogg Company amidst increased competition and entry of other players and dynamics of the market. Key Terms Kellogg Vision To be the food company of choice Mission statement To drive sustainable growth through the power of our people and brands by better serving the needs of our consumers, customers and communities. Objectives Encourage and support of among all sectors of the population Use of resources to run and sponsor community programmes for its consumers and public Increase the association between Kellogg and physical activity Use the cereal packs to communicate the ‘balance’ message to consumers Introduce food labeling that would enable consumers to make decisions about the right balance of food Goals Remain consumer centric Product innovation Priority to win Continuous efficiency improvements Core Competence Baking The Vision and Mission Statements Business strategies of firms can be evaluated based on the design and definition of their vision and mission statements. This is because of the crucial role that vision and mission statement play in current business environment as they convey the aspirations of the organizations. Kellogg Company has exploited this concept and has formulated a vision and mission statements that focuses on sustainable growth of the company, social responsibility, its stakeholders (people) and its brands. Whereas the vision statement of Kellogg Co ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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