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Risks Assessment of Storey&Co for the US Expansion and Ethical Dilemmas of HR Manager Graham Jackson - Assignment Example

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The author examines Human Resources risks facing Storey & Co. in undertaking US expansion and mitigation measures by the International HR manager before and after the deal. The author also examines issues and dilemmas by global managers and Reasons behind issues and dilemmas. …
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Risks Assessment of Storey&Co for the US Expansion and Ethical Dilemmas of HR Manager Graham Jackson
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Extract of sample "Risks Assessment of Storey&Co for the US Expansion and Ethical Dilemmas of HR Manager Graham Jackson"

Download file to see previous pages It is important for Graham to effectively evaluate the people management strategy of acquiring Gittins and Edwards. Mergers & Acquisitions fiascos are frequently due to issues and challenges in integrating the different cultures and workforces of the related organizations (Stahl et al., 2004) (Marks & Mirvis, 2010). Social and work-culture integration of different organizations in different geographies, HR systems, leadership and managers’ vision, can often lead to sharp inter-organizational conflicts. The Human Resources risks facing Storey & Co. in undertaking US expansion can be categorized into Pre-Merger risks, Short-term post-merger risks and Long-term post-merger risks. The risks under each category or stage of the M&A activity are listed below: Pre-Merger Risks: Pre-merger risks are issues related to the merger that can be evaluated and analyzed prior to the decision making of the M&A activity. If these risks are neglected during the due diligence phase, amplified problems and challenges can erupt during the post-merger integration. Following are the pre-merger risks for Storey & Co.: 1. Union/Employee Litigation Issues within the company: It is important for Storey to conduct due diligence on the legal aspects of human resource operations to check if there are any pending employee-related litigations, union lockouts that exist within Gittins and Edwards. Unions and employee litigations or lawsuits can affect Storey’s image as well as add liabilities to the work processes. 2. Existing leadership – styles and company stakes: Further due diligence needs to be done on the leadership style and stakes of the owners of the company, John Gittins and Terry Edwards. The case mentions that they have an informal working style, however it needs the human resources team needs to be clear about the personal agendas of Gittins and Edwards, their leadership styles, shares in the company, their expectations of the merger and how it would affect them as leaders, if they would like to work in a decentralized way or let go of their stakes in the company. Due diligence of leadership will help manage expectations on both sides. Short-term post-merger risks: The global HR team needs to be prepared for the immediate post-merger risks as they form the foundation of long-term stability and sustainable growth of the combined entity organization. In many M&A cases, poor integration leads to falling in productivity, leadership attrition, drop in employee satisfaction, less than expected growth and chaos in the work environment (SCHULER & JACKSON, 2001). 1. Attrition of key talent: The main risk for Graham in the US acquisition is attrition of key talent. Since “people” or human capital are the biggest assets for consulting firms, loss of key talent would imply major devaluation of the company’s strengths and loss for Storey. Uncertainty about the future organizational direction drives key talent to look for other opportunities. 2. Communications: Upon merger, mismanaged communications is high risk and challenge for Storey. Ambiguity and uncertainty prevail at all levels of the merging parties and can trigger fear, rumours and frustration amongst employees (Mohibullah, 2009). Inconsistent and untimely communications to different stakeholders can lead to disruption of synergies and depreciate the chances of successful integration.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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