Research Proposal: How does Cathay Pacific Airways survive in the competitive global market - Essay Example

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Cathay Pacific Airways is a one of the Hong-Kong based airline industry that has a wide-ranging system of flights to more than 90 destinations all around the earth. It is also consider d as one of the highest and most regarded Airline industry in the Asia. …
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Research Proposal: How does Cathay Pacific Airways survive in the competitive global market
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Download file to see previous pages The business was established in Hong Kong in 1946. The business since then has carried on building up Hong Kong’s airline business and supported the position of the Hong Kong as a main transportation service centre in the area. “Through its subsidiaries the Company is also engaged in other related areas, including airline catering, aircraft handling and aircraft engineering. The airline operations are principally to and from Hong Kong. The Company operates in two business segments: the airline business segment and the non-airline business segment” (Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd (0293.HK) n.d.).
Cathay pacific is one of the most recognized airline corporations in the world. It fights with various airline business establishments for notoriety and status in the airline industry. In recent times the company undergo an alteration in picture and strategies to contradict the issues its industry has. It moved the focus of its policy into making confident that there will be a raise of customers who demanded their services, it also made sure that the various types of services and techniques they use can be competitive to various other airlines business. “More than sixty international airlines and more than a dozen additional all-cargo carriers serve Hong Kong, a major international and regional aviation hub. In 2000, over 4,100 flights per week providing serviced some 140 destinations worldwide. Hong Kong is the gateway Mainland China” (Malkani et al. 2005).
“Cathay Pacific’s goal is to deliver superior service and value to its customers and to become the world’s most admired airline. The organization recognizes that the quality of service sets it apart from its competitors. The organization is committed to meeting on-time performance goals, maintaining and growing international route network, and increasing flight frequencies to meet market demand” (Value Chain Analysis Cathay Airline — Document Transcript 2012). Cathay Pacific struggles to distribute Service directly from the Heart and receives pride in creating its consumers feel secure, welcome, and comfy and above all, relieved. Cathay Pacific foresees the customers’ requirements and aims not just to convene, but exceed their expectations. “Day by day airline industry is growing with a very fast pace. Lots of developments have taken place over the years in commercial air transport industry. Nowadays we can see lots of airlines are operating throughout the world carrying passengers and cargo” (Strategy Applicable to Any Airline 2003). Because of the new contestants in the industry and significance achieved by aviation field the competition between every the airlines is on rise. So to hat competitive advantage of the company must be necessary to develop the overall benefit of the company. Here the proposal includes literature review, research methodology, discussion and conclusion regarding the various way in which the Cathay Pacific Airways survive in the competitive global market. My Research Question: How does Cathay Pacific Airways survive in the competitive global market? The Research Objectives: In order to accomplish the objectives more productively, it is important to find different types of consistent information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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