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Purchasing behaviour of young people at the university as far as purchase of smart phones is concerned - Essay Example

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Table of Contents Executive summary…………………………………………………………………………….1 1. Introduction 3 1.1 Terms of reference 3 1.2. Background 4 2. Literature survey 5 2.1 Different brands 5 2.2 Features 6 2.3 Personal Effects 6 2.4 Peer Pressure 7 3…
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Purchasing behaviour of young people at the university as far as purchase of smart phones is concerned
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Extract of sample "Purchasing behaviour of young people at the university as far as purchase of smart phones is concerned"

Download file to see previous pages Appendices 16 Research question: 16 Background 16 Methodology and sample 16 Sample questionnaire 17 Executive summary The study is aimed at researching the purchasing behaviour of young people at the university as far as purchase of smart phones is concerned. Over the past few decades, there has been widespread innovation and innovation in the ICT field. This has seen the introduction of smart phones that are almost similar and in some cases even arguable better than computers. To establish on how this environment has influenced the students in universities, the research was done by using of structured questionnaires as well as random interviews on campus. The questionnaires were prepared and circulated to a group of fifty students that were randomly selected in order to make the findings as objective as possible. The collected data was then manipulated using SPSS software. The research was mainly based on the characteristics of brand name, the price, the smart phone features, cost and last but not least, the gender of the buyers. As the research established, most students bought the smart phones due to the functionalities like Wi-Fi for purposes of convenience. However, peer pressure was also seen as one of the main contributing factors in the purchase decisions of the students. 1. Introduction 1.1 Terms of reference The participants of the research were university students. What inspires students to acquire smart phones may not be the same as what inspires other people in the society to acquire smart phones. For instance, students like following trends and most will buy a smart phone if all their friends buy them. In addition to this, students will often consult with their colleagues when trying to do some research before they buy a phone. The research carried out sought to establish a number of questions:- What informs the purchase decisions for smart phones by students? What do students seek out in the phones they purchase? Where do students get the relevant information that informs their purchase decisions for smart phones? 1.2. Background Needless to say, the smart phone does more than just help the owner to keep in touch with friends and families. This device also helps one in carrying out various computing processes. In fact, there has been a widespread debate on the possibility of the Smartphone totally replacing the computer. The spread of the Smartphone use has especially been fuelled by the entrance of more affordable models by the different manufacturers. The smart phone revolution came hand in hand with the revolution in gaming consoles, PDAs, Cameras, GPS as well as other important revolutionary concepts in ICT. The introduction of open source applications on the android platform has made the maintenance of the Smartphone more affordable on the lean budget of a student. For instance, instead of having to pay monthly subscriptions for applications, there are many developers on the open source platform that use the General Public User licence on their apps. In addition to this, companies like Huawei among many others have also developed inexpensive Smart phones that have almost the same functionalities like their more expensive counterparts. Some experts believe this is one for the main contributing factors towards the increase in the use of smart phones by university students. 2. Literature survey In order to understand the ownership of smart phones among university students, there is need to review the industry with respect to the different brands ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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