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Value Chain on Black Berry - Essay Example

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The aim of this following paper is to recognize and present the viewpoint and aspect of both the customer and the product, and then judge how these values relate and reflect on the value chain functions for the organization and its products. …
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Value Chain on Black Berry
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Extract of sample "Value Chain on Black Berry"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher has chosen BlackBerry Smartphone as the product for the study, and the discussion is on a particular phone model that is BlackBerry bold. Bold is a variety product of BlackBerry, which is leading in the technology. It is faster performing, with a very long lasting battery back up, and ofcourse it is a 3G phone as well. It has BlackBerry messenger also. BlackBerry Bold is in many ranges, there are around four different blackberry bold models, such as “Bold 9780, 9700, 9650, and 9000”. The main feature of this phone model is that, it gives more focus to the professional choice, as it is mentioned earlier Blackberry phones are well known for business uses as it includes many business features and applications that are really helpful for businessmen. Another main feature of this phone is that it is helpful in multitasking; customers can use additional features at same time, with no hang ups for the phone. Social networking is very easy and elabaorated in this phone, there are many options in social networking sites. Web experience is faster and it would be a new experience for the customers. Both Wi-fi and 3G connnectivities are available in this phone; 3G creates a fantastic experience for the customers who use it. It has a powerful connectivity option, wi-fi connectivity helps to shop online, browse, open mails etc very fastly. GPS feature is also an important factor that creates unique value to the product. Camera and video recording has fine quality and the phone provides a 5 mega pixel camera. Media player also is of superior quality. 2.3 Value of the Product/Service to the Customer: “The value of a product reflects the owner(s)'/buyer(s)' desire to retain or obtain a product. The individual's level of desire to retain or obtain a product depends on how much the product details and/or its performance agree with the value system of the individual. To an individual, therefore, value of a product includes cost and a subjective part associated with cost” (Neap & Celik n.d.). Blackberry started of mainly as a business phone but it is trying to influence a larger audience by adding new features and simpler user-interfaces. BlackBerry Smartphone be able to work with BlackBerry Enterprise Server software, this facility allows a businessman to exchange data and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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