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Registered Charity: Masonic Charitable Services - Essay Example

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The opening of the report consists of the background information and description about the Registered Charity: Masonic Charitable Services. Strategic recommendations that are in line with the objectives of the charity will be also presented in the report…
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Registered Charity: Masonic Charitable Services
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Download file to see previous pages Social – Masonic Charitable Services has a mix reaction from the community. Many do not like the organization because of its affiliation to the organization freemasonry while many also laud its philosophical teachings and charitable works. The social environment in the UK is not very conducive to Masonic Charitable Services, perhaps due to its own making, because the organization is viewed with skepticism. This skepticism translates to lack of public support ultimately redounding to lesser donation from the public. Despite of its many criticisms, it cannot be denied however that the group has a social impact especially in its charity works. Technological – the group, while belonging to old organization freemasonry, utilizes modern technology such as the World Wide Web to express what it does to the community. Legal – the group has a legal entity it being duly registered charitable organization under the charity commission (Charity Commission 2012) and is authorized to accept donations and dispense charity works. III. SWOT analysis  Strength – Masonic Charitable Services is affiliated with the freemasons who had existed since 1700 and is known to have done a lot of charity works here and abroad. Although many dislike the group, it cannot be denied that it is the largest charitable organization in the world. Its long history and the success of its charitable counterpart abroad, the Shriners, lends credibility to the group which could make convincing of the public to donate easier if it will exert effort to open itself to the public. Weakness – the secrecy of its mother organization which is Freemasonry is being criticized by many as being secretive, with a hidden agenda and even worships the devil. Thus, their charitable works,...
The firm that is analyzed in the paper is Masonic Charitable Services. When it comes to charity works, the Shriners will be inevitably cross one’s mind because it is the largest philanthropic organization in the world. But since there is no Shriner Charity organization registered in the UK, the closest organization similar to it is the “Masonic Charitable Services”. It performs the same charitable work just like the Shriners in the USA only that it comes with another name which is “Masonic Charitable Services. Masonic Charitable Services has a headquarters at 60 Great Queen Street, London. The best way to describe an organisation’s macro and micro environment is through the framework of PESTEL. PESTEL stands for political, economic, environment, social, technological and legal which best assess an institution’s macro and micro environments. Despite of the public’s skepticism of Masonic Charitable Services, it cannot be denied that it has done major charitable works here and abroad and has helped a lot of people. It has also done charitable works since time immemorial and perhaps the oldest charitable in addition to the largest charitable organization in the world. Throughout history, and despite of the public’s skepticism of its real intention, it has never been accused of dishonesty in dispensing its fund for charity works. Such, Masonic Charitable Services, being affiliated with the Masons, enjoys a veritable credibility as a charitable organization which not many charitable organizations enjoy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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