Problems and Prospects of Global Governance Regime in Migration - Essay Example

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The paper throws light on global governance as governance in the nonexistence of formal government. Governance refers performing the public’s business by following the group of authoritative rules, institutions along with practices through which the group manages the affairs of its business. …
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Problems and Prospects of Global Governance Regime in Migration
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the usage of the term global governance is quite complex. In modern international relations, the policy as well as the academic origins of the term merged substantially. It has been noted that the definition of the term global governance, the degree of governance, what it controls and how, tend not to be explicit in the increasing literature on the subject. Global governance has been created in response to the evolution of trans-boundary issues. There are numerous issues which tend to be trans-boundary to an extent since the characteristic of the problem is one that goes beyond the borders and thus cannot be dealt with by a single state acting in remoteness. A few of the significant trans-boundary issues are climate alteration, transmissible diseases, international trade, terrorism and transitional crime. States have tried to create forms of institutionalised international cooperation in order to address the problems. Globalisation, because of rising trans-boundary interconnectivity, has developed a growing requirement for governance that goes beyond the nation-state. The requirement for global governance is related with globalisation and the need to state cross-border spill-overs as well as externalities. However, one of the modern expressions of globalisation has been international migration. By its definition, it is considered as a trans-boundary problem which is not possible for the states to address individually. It has not been successful at creating a rational, multilateral global governance framework. (Dito, 2000). Global migration governance is based upon variety of formal as well as informal institutions which operate at numerous levels of governance. It is worthy of noticing the fact that the institutions that control states’ responses to human trafficking as well as smuggling are not alike the states that tend to monitor responses to skilled labour migration. In each class of migration, there is multifaceted range of regional, inter-regional, and bilateral agreements with distinct level of governance possessing greater significance with regards to certain categories of migration in comparison to others (Dito, 2000). Migration Defined Internationally According to the United Nations’ (UN) suggestions in the data related to international migration, an international migrant is someone who alters his or her home country. When a person does this for at least one year, then such person is known as long-term migrant. On the other hand, a short-term migrant is someone who tends to alter his or her country and moves to another country for a time frame of as a minimum three months, however below a year, except in cases where the movement to that particular country is for recreation, business, visiting friends and relatives or religious pilgrimage. The characteristics of the duration measures the period of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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