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How can the challenges for business start-ups in China be overcome - Essay Example

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The paper operates mainly based on research questions which can be stated as follows: how can the challenges for business start-ups in China be overcome? Recommendation on how the challenges would be overcome to promote the growth and success of a starting business within china are also given in this report…
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How can the challenges for business start-ups in China be overcome
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Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that there are many challenges that start up businesses would face in China which include complexities within the political, economic, social cultural and technological factors of the business environment in this country. The complexity theory in the practice of business management demonstrates that chaos within the business environment that challenges entrepreneurs especially for starting businesses. To ensure that a start up business grows and thrives in the China, entrepreneurs must put in consideration all the challenging factors in decision making. According to Alexandru and Gabriela, entrepreneurs who plan to venture into doing business in China should be aware of the challenges which are likely to be faced in the Chinese society and their implication on the success of the business venture. Lowe & Marriott add that the social factor and the culture of the Chinese people is a very strong force in determining the performance of a business especially ventures by foreign investors. The political factors in addition to economic environment are apparent determinants of the success of a business within this country. China is one of the leading technological innovators in the world and modern technology and computer applications and systems are being applied in business functions within the country and therefore the technology factor is most likely to influence the success of a business venture in the country as explained by. ...
43). The challenges that starting business in China are many and therefore entrepreneurs should be prepared head on if their businesses are to grow. The complexity theory describes a business startup as one which is faced with chaos and many external factors which are determinants of the survival of a business investment. CRITICAL EVALUATION AND ANALYSIS OF THE SITUATION Cultural and Language Barriers Bergsten (2008) asserts that there are cultural and language barriers which would be very challenging to entrepreneurs wishing to start business in this country. Foreigners who plan to start business in China will certainly have difficulties during business negotiations due to language barrier (Chen & Miller, 2011). It would be appropriate therefore for entrepreneurs who start businesses in China to learn basic Chinese which would be adequate for business communications. Additionally, starting up a business in China will mean that the entrepreneurs leans basic social communication skills so that the relationship with local employees or business partners would be enhanced. Chandra & Chao (2011, p. 55) say that the Chinese culture is very old and complex and may challenge entrepreneurs who plan to start business in this society. The culture of the Chinese will influence the ability of an entrepreneur of building business relationships. Therefore, entrepreneurs should learn about the Chinese culture to ensure that they do not violate it which would impact negatively on the business as demonstrated by Isenberg (2008, p. 107). The complexities of language and culture affect issues such as greetings, gender roles, leadership and business management which are congruent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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