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Planning and Control by ASDA: Checkouts Queues Managements - Coursework Example

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ASDA is one of the largest retail organisation in United Kingdom. The organisation was acquired by Wal-Mart, largest retail organisation of the world, in the year 1999. Since then, ASDA has been operating in the retail industry of UK as a subsidiary of Wal-Mart (Berg & Gray, 2011). …
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Planning and Control by ASDA: Checkouts Queues Managements
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Extract of sample "Planning and Control by ASDA: Checkouts Queues Managements"

Download file to see previous pages According to the retail industry report by Arch (2010), ASDA is enjoying 16.5 percent market share in the grocery industry of UK. The retail organisation mainly works to provide the target customers with different products related to food, clothing, grocery, and other related items. In this report an attempt has been made to understand and analyse the planning and control at ASDA. For this purpose, the checkouts queues management and associated policies and practices have been identified and analysed. In order to comprehend that whether all policies are implemented by the retail stores or not, the focus of report has been specially on the Manchester Hulme branch of ASDA. According the systems approach and business process management, operations of the organisations consist of different processes which work to convert the input into output (Jeston & Nelis, 2008a). The processes are different activities and tasks performed by the organisation in order to support the conversion of different resources and inputs into the final products of outputs (Zairi, 1997). (Barlow, 2005) According to the system approach of the business, any business can be defined on the basis of three important elements: input, processes, and output. Along with this, in order to make sure that all there elements are integrated and coordinated and the business system is effective and efficient and there is an ongoing transfer of feedback and information across all activities (Jeston & Nelis, 2008b). In the context of the supermarket or retail organisation in general, the inputs can be classified as the products being supplied from the suppliers along with human resource i.e. sales personnel, the processes include retail operations like assortment of products on the shelves, storage of the items, providing the customers with sales advices, customer service, etc., and the output is the purchase of the products by the customers which in turn provides the retail organisation with revenues and profits. PLANNING AND CONTROL AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AT ASDA: Owing to the increasing competition and changing consumer preferences and technological environment, ASDA has been giving high importance to the overall operations management of the retail organisation. One important aspect in this regard is of appropriate planning and control by the top management of the organisation. Organisation has several retail outlets at different locations and this huge numbers of retail stores make it more difficult to control the overall operations. All important decisions and policies are formulated and undertaken at the ‘ASDA house’ which are then implemented at all retail outlets. In order to come up with effective and efficient strategies and policies, ASDA utilise different information systems and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. These systems integrate the operations of all retail outlets operating different locations of United Kingdom. With the help of these systems, all data and information are available to the top managers of ASDA to take necessary decisions and formulate different plans. There should be proper control mechanism and system in order to ensure that all plans are being implemented in effective and efficient manner. Without a proper control mechanism it is difficult to keep a track of the policies and plans. Along with this, an appropriate control mechanism and system allows the organisation to identify and loopholes in the policy and improve it further. Also, this process of planning and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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