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Avon: Re-Branding a Company that is Antiquated in the Consumers Perspective - Research Paper Example

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This research aims to evaluate and present re-branding of a company that is antiquated in the consumer’s perspective. The Avon Company, Inc. that has provided cosmetics and empowered women through opportunities for income control for 125 years was chosen for the research. …
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Avon: Re-Branding a Company that is Antiquated in the Consumers Perspective
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Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that the Avon Company, Inc. has developed a strong global presence and is increasing in different markets around the world, but in the United States the idea of Avon has become associated with what is old, outdated, and not in touch with the way in which the female gender expresses its existence in a modern context. The solution for the problem is to abandon the Direct-Sales Model as the primary resource of distribution. Although the company has returned to this model in recent years hoping to harness the poor economy as a foundation for a resurgence in this model, this has not been successful and the company has seen 4% overall losses per year in the number of representatives selling their products. The global presence of Avon allows for women in developing nations to see this as an opportunity, just as women in the first half of the 20th century were able to grasp this opportunity in the United States. The cultural idea of gender has changed, however, and women are no longer relegated to the domestic sphere to an extent that their interaction with the public sphere is restrictive and oppressive. It is not that women are no longer oppressed, it is that in the struggle to gain a position in the public sphere, the idea of the door to door sales rather than engaging the world outside of their doors is difficult to reconcile with the ideals for the meaning of being female. In order to effectively revitalize the brand, an abandonment of the idea of the ‘Avon Lady’ must be achieved. To create a divorcement from this idea, going into the specialized retail division and expanding it across the United States would allow the brand to transform into a public space perspective. Opening up outlets in malls and shopping centers would allow for the brand to transform through the immediate availability that the modern woman in the United States has come to expect. While today’s woman is now shopping on the internet for the things that she needs, she is still shopping in malls and shopping centers for those products that she has to replenish, the hands on opportunity an important part of her experience. With the high level of competition in the cosmetics industry, waiting on delivery of a product is not always convenient. Creating a physical presence can allow Avon to engage their consumers in a new way in order to eliminate the antiquated idea of the ‘Avon Lady’. This does not require eliminating the Direct-Sales Model approach, but diminishing the focus on this model and creating outlets that represent a new vision for the company. If stores are available for walk-in customers who can then go home with their choices, the outlets can create an experience, which was the essence of the initial development of the Avon representative. The new stores should be designed in such a way as to reflect a high end product, with attention to service and in creating an experience in which the shopper feels as if they have had the same attention that they would have had from their sales representative in the old model. In creating this type of specialized experience, the consumer can leave feeling as if they have h ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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