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Replay Sports Bar - Essay Example

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This paper presents brief report on the management strategy of Replay Sports Bar and gives detailed analysis of both the internal as well as external environments. In order to analyze the business environments SWOT analysis will be included in the paper. …
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Replay Sports Bar
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher affirms that Replay Sports Bar will be offering private and public lounges where people can enjoy the game. Private lounges can be booked by people for a particular time so that they can enjoy any match with their friends and family. The idea of this business is to make sports more thrilling and exciting to watch with the help of advanced technology like LCD and Plasma Screens, Home theatre systems etc. In addition to this, Replay Sports Bar will be building relationships with the client so that they become long term customers of the company. Analysts predict that the industry would grow as the economy recovers from recession. The sales of the industry have been highly influenced because of recession and people have been highly conscious during recession about where they should spent money and this reduced the overall sales of the industry. Though, as the economy recovers, the sales of the industry would grow. Although there are competitors operating in the industry but they do not offer such exciting environment and atmosphere as the management of Replay Sports Bar will be offering and thus it will be the main point to attract customers. Also competitors do not focus on offering personalised services and building relationships with the client, therefore it will be another additional advantage to Replay Sports Bar. Replay Sports Bar will also focus on maintaining quality of food and offering foods at a quick time so that people do not have to wait a long to get their meal. According to projections, Replay Sports Bar expects to make profits from the first year. Financial statements show that Replay Sports Bar would make a profit of ?3,500 in the first year which is expected to increase with the passage of time. It has been estimated that the sales of Replay Sports Bar would increase in 2013 and also it will also expand in some other city as well. Profit margin of Replay Sports Bar is expected to be 7%, 13% and 18% in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively. 2.0. mission, vision & culture 2.1. Mission Statement “To be the leading bar that offers exceptional environment for sport lovers to watch every single match at Replay Sports Bar” 2.2. Vision Statement “To become the leader in the Sports Bar Industry of UK” 2.3. Culture: Replay Sports Bar will be having a friendly culture and environment where employees will be trained to greet customers and ensure that customers are highly satisfied. The environment created at the Replay Sports Bar will make even non-sports lover enjoy the sports and enjoy the thrill and excitement of watching variety of sports. The company will also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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