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Human Resource Management in Practice. Explanation of human`s skills - Assignment Example

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Human Resource Management in Practice Table of Contents Developing the Practitioner 3 Communications and meeting skills 4 Presentation Skills 5 Training and Learning 6 Equality and Diversity 7 Recruitment and Selection 8 Performance Management and Appraisal 9 Absence Management 10 Counselling/mediation-developing skills for the workplace 11 Grievance and Discipline 12 Management of Change 13 Reflective Statement 14 References 20 Developing the Practitioner The competitive environment and the quest for excellence in business organizations has necessitated the need to ensure human resource development…
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Human Resource Management in Practice. Explanation of human`s skills
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Download file to see previous pages Business competencies involve understanding the needs of the business and proposing logical solution to the issues. It also involves business knowledge, efficiency in planning and execution as well as promotion of strategic thought process. In addition to this a development of practitioners also implies that interpersonal traits like the ability to generate confidence and trust, ability to influence the stakeholders, enhancing workforce diversity and proper networking between the stakeholders. Finally a practitioner must also display personal skills including adaptability and the ability to handle disputes and conflicts emerging in the activities among the individuals as well as grooming of the personality and development of individuals. Finally, sound technical skills and domain knowledge along with excellent intellectual abilities is a key towards developing the best practitioners so as to ensure organizational excellence (Erasmus, Loedolf & Hammann, 2010, p.27). The seminar and the analysis of the topic helped in understanding the importance of time management and interpersonal skills that must be acquired for being an excellent practitioner. The importance of proper planning and execution was also understood as it is largely an essential trait towards development of the career as a practitioner. Communications and meeting skills Leadership is one of the most essential aspects for a successful organization. A successful business leader must essentially have excellent communication abilities as well as empathy in his/her behaviour. A leader must be able to effectively communicate in a manner so that the messages are effectively communicated and clearly understood by the employees and other individuals. A charismatic approach and a good persuasive power is one of the key aspects of communications that must be present in a good leader leading a business (Cohn & Moran, 2011, pp.1-3). Certain other aspects of good communication and meeting skills also include an ability to use effective language that induces individuals to listen actively to the communication. In a meeting the communication skills of the manager must be such that tends to capture the attention of the audience. Use of poor language should be avoided at all costs as it is totally unethical and improper to hurt any person’s sentiments. It is also necessary for a manager to have good ability to provide concrete feedbacks; in this context effective leaders also do not devote their entire time in a meeting speaking and relaying his/her own views and thoughts. An effective leader or a good manager always tries to be accommodative and also listens to what is being said and spoken from the other end. Patience is one key aspect that must be followed by a leader in a course of a formal meeting or interaction. These traits along with a proper vision and time management are the key drivers that can help generate effective business leaders (Bacal, 2004, p.140-146). The seminar helped in the learning process by helping analyse the importance communication in an effective leader. Real life role plays also gave a practical understanding of the aspect. The exercise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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