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Business Structure of YCP Company - Assignment Example

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The assignment presents the existing customer base of the small telecommunication traders and manufacturers of telephone apparatus / other equipment that merged together to form Youth Phones Ltd was the first share of customer base enjoyed by the newly established firm…
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Business Structure of YCP Company
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Download file to see previous pages What impression have you found of Corporate Governance of YCP Company?
Corporate Governance plays the role of sight and foresight for an organization. Particularly, in the case of YCP Company, the structure possessed some basic flaws in the distribution of duties and power according to the Code of Corporate Governance. The most obvious a blunder is allocation of 60% of voting equity to Kong and Watson. Furthermore, according to the detail illustrated the absence of remuneration committee and nomination committee followed by the weak structure of Board were some of the fundamental errors of the structure of Corporate Governance.
What is your opinion of the ownership structure in YCP, in the light of the fact co-administrators Kong and Watson retain 60% of the voting equity? Can a group of small shareholders make a significant contribution to the governance of the company? What about large shareholders. A diverse and balanced ownership structure is the key to keep transparency and authenticity breathing in organizational management. However, the very aspect was absent in the case of YCP, the imbalance of major share ownership and voting rights is an evident error. In addition, the fact that minor shareholders were totally neglected and the other shareholders with major contribution had other businesses to look after and their presence in the administration was a mere formality. The dire need of YCP that is obvious in the structure of YCP was that of rationally designed attribution of power and authority along with voting rights based on the fact that when the voting rights of controlling shareholders exceed the cash-flow rights, the incentives for asset diversion are magnified. 
What is your opinion of the structure of the board have had before approving the construction of the private telephone network for YCP right after the company went public
The expansion planned in the very short period after establishment should be backed with strong supporting strategies. In the case of YCP, the segregation of management and supervision was the seemingly lacking feature. Hence, after the registration company into the stock exchange, a strong structure of Corporate Governance was the essential need of time. Furthermore, the evidence is the fact from the description that investment in construction was an element of the chairman’s show off rather than a strategical opportunity. Therefore, the strategy of expansion on the grounds of serving ego without any exit was more evidence of Board structure rather than mismanagement.
What information should the board have had before approving the construction of the private telephone network for YCP?
The feasibility and relevance to the vision of the company was the main area to be focused by the board in the evaluation of proposal of construction. Furthermore, funding requirements, timeline, return on investment rate, cost-benefit analysis, alternative plans, competitors analysis, PESTEL analysis, and an exit plan were the mandatory analysis to be investigated by the board. Hence, the most important feature to be considered as the exploration of the potential of the company to support such a gigantic project along with usual business in terms of time, efforts and resources. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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