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Brand Society of Tesco - Essay Example

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The paper “Brand Society of Tesco” seeks to evaluate a modern manufacturing company that is hell-bent on branding and brand identity as one of the sure ways of promoting its products in the world market. Corporate branding and identity are well intended…
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Brand Society of Tesco
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Download file to see previous pages While the proposed strategy of differentiation of the company products is in line with the company products and service delivery, it is still advisable that the management devises other ways to bust the delivery of the product. The company should also try to retain its current strengths like provision of products at customer doorsteps while trying to eliminate the weaknesses that have drugged the progress of the company. Intensive promotion and marketing strategies will also support the branding strategy in the penetration of the product into the consumers (Anholt, 2007). The strength of Tesco Corporation of quality delivery of its products has facilitated efficient operations of the company. Tesco apart from better business management practices also offers itself to dedicated corporate social responsibility as a way of keeping in touch with the local community. This has acted as a differentiation strategy that identifies it among its competitors like DHL and others. 1.0 INTRODUCTION Branding is an integrative aspect of an organizational identity that got its very long time ago, about 1200’s. ...
 This has been propagated by the fact that at the time technology was at its lowest and people had to use much energy and effort to arrive at minimal results. Branding improved with industrial revolution and improvements in technology up to the moment that it is at its pick and as well used to define the success of any organization in terms of turnover and even performance. Many organizations have given branding an edge having even above advertisement since branding itself is an advertisement (Hatch, 1997). This has been arrived at after extensive research and finding that the resources that could be used in advertising could be used in making a brand and employing brand strategies to realize results which if not more than the same as those which would have been derived from advertisements. A brand is a name that distinctly defines one product from the rest of almost the same kinds to fuel and propagate the sales of such products or services. The brand has several elements, which would include logos, signs, colors, symbols, or even names. All these elements combined in various mixes results in various strong brands. Brands exist as both global versus local brands. Global brands are those that are designed to reflect the same features and characteristics of the organization worldwide, global brands move around the world like crossfire intertwining the relationship between the organization and its customers and even other customers. This is positive for the development of the product in terms of sales and liking. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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