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Analysis of the usability index of the Conservatives party website - Essay Example

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E-BUSINESS EVALUATING A WEBSITE Name: - Professor: - Institution: - Course: - Date: - Executive summary Measuring usability follows a range of tests. The metrics available to help you measure your design and make improvements are numerous…
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Analysis of the usability index of the Conservatives party website
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"Analysis of the usability index of the Conservatives party website"

Download file to see previous pages When measuring usability, there are two types of metrics that can be captured in a usability test; preference data – what participants think and performance data- what actually happens. This report analyses the usability index of the Conservatives party website . It follows the various available usability test methods and it examines the various ways of evaluating websites and accessibility. Usability test and evaluation has evolved and is continually changing to accommodate new technology, inventions and innovations. Since the first website appeared online; organizations, companies, and institutions went on a rush. It is not enough to be on-line with a domain name and a simple website. A good and well designed website is an important factor to consider. Website statics are a major concern for the management, who want to realize a return on investment for their money. Usability is directly tied to website design and user interface design for usability. Human computer interaction is an area concerned with the design, implementation and evaluation of interactive information systems for human use with study of their behavior and major phenomena surrounding them Preece et al. (1994, p. 48). Often, designers and HCI experts set out to create systems and specifically tailor them for a range of users; this makes it suitable for the target users but ignores the others. Recently the demand for user interfaces that are suitable for all users has increased and it therefore calls for proficiency in design. Considering the user and making usability engineering the route to follow is critical. The process of website development has a stage/ phase called website mapping. The process involves designing diagrams and sketches that in the very least give an idea of the site structure. The diagrams designed in this phase are referred to as planning diagrams and are artifacts of the design process. In most cases, they are shared by the designer and the client or the planning group, and then discarded. Still, the diagrams are considered a critical part of the design process. The diagrams include information architecture diagram, wireframe, use case diagram and site architecture diagram. Introduction In order for your web site to be productive, users must find useful information or accomplish tasks. In a goal-oriented design you must balance the needs of the users and the needs of your organizations (Concepcion 2002, p. 81). This can be achieved by setting a full set of usage scenarios for each persona. One can the use the scenarios to test the site structure making sure it offers and experience that includes all the basic elements that are needed by the users to reach their goals. In user-centered design, personas are imagined characters created to represent types of users with certain skills and located in different demographic regions. They capture the attitude and general demeanor of these personalities (Tamara & Pruitt, pp. 77-81). Criteria to judge websites Website critique, like website development, is not a defined science (Tamara & Pruitt, pp. 23). Powerful applications and new ideas arise constantly, paving way for old ideas and reshaping them. In simple language a website is much more than a sum of its constituent parts. One of the criteria to judge a website is the content. This evaluates the information provided in terms of usefulness, degree of information, interaction and presence of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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