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Global Trade Operations - Essay Example

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International trade is one of the greatest contributors in the development of any country. However, due to the differences in rules and regulations, it becomes fundamentally vital to develop a framework of guidelines that are generally acceptable by the international trading community. …
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Global Trade Operations
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Download file to see previous pages The International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) are rules and regulations that govern international trade because when two parties are involved in international trade disputes or misunderstanding may arise hence making Incoterm a central component in the development of international trade across the globe (Branch 2009, p.4). The International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) established these guidelines in the year 1936. However, they have greatly evolved since that time. The main aim of these international trade guidelines is to spell out the legal obligation of the two parties involved in the trade. Additionally, this minimizes misunderstandings and conflict between the two parties. International trade can prove difficult when the two parties face obstacles such as language barrier and other limitations. This makes the International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) a very important aspect of the trade. The International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) apply globally hence making them generally acceptable by all countries. The contract of the sale of goods is the area of focus in the International Commercial Terms (Incoterm). Additionally, the International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) covers all the aspects of transportation of goods, obligation of both parties and other requirements such as insurance. The International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) entails eleven terms that are fundamental in international trade. Furthermore, these terms fall under four major divisions these include “C” terms “D” terms “E” terms and “F” terms. The seller or exporter has to follow the International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) in order to complete a successful business transaction. Additionally, the procedures under International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) follow each other sequentially and in order of the degree of responsibility. However, one can better understand the terms used in the International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) when using a typical example of a business transaction between an importer and an exporter hence making the application of these terms relevant. An international business transaction has to involve two different countries and in order to use all the applicable procedures in the International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) it is important to use two different countries that are not on the same bloc due some waivers, trade agreements and other issues like memorandum of understanding Description of the business Transaction The main business transaction that is most appropriate and fits the criteria of the International Commercial Terms (Incoterm) is importation and exportation of Japanese cars. This has been a very successful trade between Japan and other countries of the world. Additionally, most of the cars manufactured in the world come form Japan hence making a study on how the business transactions take place very informative. However, one main reason as to why this particular trade meets the criteria is that very many legal formalities are involved in the importation and exportation of vehicles from one country to another. Additionally, this kind of trade deals with incredibly many different nationalities hence providing readily available information that is useful. However, several countries have different rules and regulations that govern the importation of cars. For instance, in other countries one cannot import a car that is more than eight years old or the vehicle must be in a certain condition. All these rules and regulations involved when importing or exporting a vehicle make the trade more sophisticated. Countries involved in the business transaction The two main countries that we are going to focus on are the United ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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