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Nokias business strategy - Coursework Example

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The report aims to study Nokia’s strategies for maintaining competitive advantage while expanding globally. In competitive business environment firms must be innovative and service oriented. Nokia was able to align its strategic action plans with its business goals to succeed in the highly competitive market…
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Nokias business strategy
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is Nokia as a leadership company working in the field of wireless communication and communication devices. It has become one of the largest producers of mobile phones despite being headquartered in Finland which is one of the smallest countries of the globe. The company has been able to gain significant foothold within the highly dynamic technology driven industry of mobile communication. Its people centric approach backed by state of the art research and development center, constantly helps it to innovate and meet the changing requirements of its more than 800 million customers. The company was started in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam primarily as a wood pulp company in Finland. By 1980s, it had diversified into huge conglomerate involved in tire manufacturing, paper, footwear, television, consumer electronics and telecommunication equipments etc. In 1981, it had created world’s first wireless network and revolutionized communication. Wireless service was cheaper to landline because of higher infrastructure cost and therefore preferred in countries where people have to survive arctic winter and tough terrain. In 1987 first mobile phone was launched and in 1992, first mobile phone with GSM technology was introduced. Thereafter started the success story of Nokia and its strategy of innovation and patenting knowledge which became the mainstay of its leadership phenomena. In 2005, its N series mobile handsets, equipped with huge features became a craze amongst the users. It was also the year that saw the sale of billionth sale. 2. Organization structure Nokia is a public limited company that is listed in major stock exchanges across the globe vis-a-vis New York exchange, Helsinki exchange, London exchange etc. Its corporate governance principles are subject to Finnish Laws. It has 139,000 people working across 115 countries. In its devices and service segment alone, 41% of the staff are women! (ibid). Diversity is intrinsically incorporated within its business goals and culture. The company enjoys organic type organizational structure that highlights the horizontal communication and thrives on flexible approach and shared learning. A well defined hierarchy within human resource is designed towards higher productivity across its five major segments: mobile phones which meets the need of common man through mobile sets which are affordable and feature laden; smart devices use symbian technology to deliver multiple service; location and commerce introduce integrated services for consumers and facilitate platform for ecommerce for corporate customers ; markets broadly ensures market and sale of its products and services; and Nokia Siemens network ensures telecommunication network and broadband services. 3. Business process and system Organic organization is broadly defined as structures that are highly adaptive and flexible to change and promote continuous learning environment (Robbins and Coulter, 2002). Organizational culture becomes a critical factor that promotes specific code of behaviour amongst the workforce that helps to inculcate sense of stability and desired motivation for improved outcome. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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