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Dialogues in Virtual Environment - Term Paper Example

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This paper seeks to explain how organization operates on virtual environments as well as explain various terms used in such a world. Numerous researches have been conducted on the application of virtual environments. Animesh et al.’s MIS QUARTELY described it as below. …
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Dialogues in Virtual Environment
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Extract of sample "Dialogues in Virtual Environment"

Download file to see previous pages Numerous researches have been conducted on the application of virtual environments. Animesh et al.’s MIS QUARTELY described it as below. Virtual environments refer to interactive, head-referenced computer displays that are enhanced by special processing and nonvisual display modalities such as auditory and haptic, they convince users that they are in a computer simulated space. Organizations working on virtual environments have a virtual team and office. The popularity of working in a virtual office is becoming common. Many businesses, organizations, and institutions are not run from a central office with set hours. The workforce in the current world is more flexible,. mobile, preferable and more convenient trend with the help of the modern portable technology and wifi. One can work in a coffee shop, in another state, in airports, beaches,...just to mention but a few; all what they need is a laptop and access to internet to connect to workplace, clients and team members. As we’ve already stated, organizations may work with a virtual team on global levels. These teams operate autonomously with directions from a manager. The major advantage of these teams is that they try to maximize geographic talents to focus on key elements of the organization. The economists believe that the virtual office will change the way our economy works as well as the nature of work. Working from home or places where we are more comfortable exerts less stress on individuals, which can adversely affect the quality of work being produced. Dialogue is a most important proponent of virtual office. It is more efficient to avoid unnecessary meetings, dealing with office chatter, gossip and commutes. Dialogue supports a wide range of applications of virtual environments in businesses, education, healthcare, government and entertainment. The usefulness is in customer service, selling, help desk, technical support, and personalized service, training, education, website navigation and simple dialogue systems. The virtual office involves space utilization, however, a the actual application requires live communications or dialogue. This is possible through various methods. First, workers can use high-tech computer telephone integration software, a voicemail, mailing, business meeting space, and many other applications for communication. Systems Theory A set of interacting, interrelated, and interdependent components that form a complex and a unified whole is known as a system. Systems are everywhere- example is functional departments in any organization, the human circulatory system, and so on. They have several defining characteristics: First, every system has a role to play within a larger system. Second, all parts of a system must be present for a system to carry out its purposes optimally. Third, system’s parts must be arranged in a particular manner, if they are rearranged, the whole system would have trouble executing its purpose. Fourth, Systems change in response to a feedback, and finally, they maintain their balance by making changes based on the feedback (Pokharel, 2011). Systems theory, therefore, is a trans disciplinary study of systems in general, irrespective of their kind, type, or nature of existence. It focuses on the relations and arrangement of parts which connect them into a whole rather than reducing an entity into parts like organs or cells. Systems theory as a trans disciplinary study addresses a problem regardless of discipline in diverse fields like engineering, biology, sociology, psychology, and organizational theory. There are two versions of systems theory: closed systems and open systems. Closed systems originated in classical physics which deals with relatively few variables. Its modern version is exemplified by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Dialogues in Virtual Environment" is quite popular among the assignments in college. Still, this document opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the style for my own paper.

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