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Entrepreneurial Processes and the Social Construction of Opportunity - Essay Example

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Introduction The ability to create a successful enterprise is one which is dependent on the ownership and those who have begun the business. Looking at different options with entrepreneurial examples establishes a stronger sense and understanding of what is required to succeed within business…
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Entrepreneurial Processes and the Social Construction of Opportunity
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Extract of sample "Entrepreneurial Processes and the Social Construction of Opportunity"

Download file to see previous pages The work is able to help with sending messages about social trends, such as the environment, or helps individuals to improve quality of life. Combining creative programs with sending specific message from commission then provides a different platform to send messages and to create responses within the community (Impact Arts, 2011). Understanding the successes and potential of this particular group and evaluating the ideologies of becoming a successful entrepreneur within this platform works as a main objective in establishing continuous growth within the community. Characteristics of an Entrepreneur The characteristics of being an entrepreneur are based on individual attributes that reflect in the corporation that is created. The qualities of an entrepreneur are inclusive of innovation, leadership, vision and the ability to focus with the necessary results for the idea which is being created. This is combined with the need to tap into the needs of the day while focusing on trends and the ability to find different objectives which are able to reach the external environment. The different values which are required for entrepreneurs are then combined with creating role models that are able to motivate individuals within the community as well as provide assistance with others who are working with the business and require assistance with the different functions required (Bosma et al, 2011). When looking at Impact Arts, it can be noted that the main attributes of the company are helping to drive forward the ideologies of what is needed. This begins with the individuals who began the company. The vision and the ability to piece this together for specific needs are easily noted, specifically because of the innovation which is a part of the company. This is combined with the foundation of the company, specifically with the values and principles that drive forward the company. This establishment is followed by the ability for the main board members and the team members to work together to create the main focuses for growth within the corporation. Combining this with innovation that is required through the artists becomes the most important aspect of the company while creating a different approach to the projects. The ability for Impact Arts to continue to move forward is reliant on the entrepreneurial basis that includes the vision, leadership and continuous implementation of projects for the community. The concepts of being an entrepreneur and the processes which are associated with this are furthered with the understanding of total innovation management. The characteristics of entrepreneurs are divided by those who have leadership and specific skills to others that have a sense of innovation that follows with specific trends. Total innovation management in entrepreneurs; however, helps to set apart individuals to different needs within the corporation. This is combined with the ideology of internal entrepreneurship, which continues to drive forward the vision and management within the corporation. The idea of having entrepreneurial components then becomes based on combining the start to a company to continuing to offer innovation and growth within the corporation for different projects and maintenance of the company (Qingrui, 2005). For Impact Art, this is noted through the longer time which it has existed. The ability to have artists use their complete creativity also reflects the innovation manage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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