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The impact of substance abuse in the work place - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Task Date The impact of substance abuse in the work place has adverse effects on the overall performance of an employee. In this case, Balbito who is human resource manager. Human resource management involves administering compensation, allocating appropriate resources to personnel and providing employees with critical information about job duties benefits and policies…
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The impact of substance abuse in the work place
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Download file to see previous pages Being a supervisor, my responsibility involves maintaining a productive, safe and secure environment for all employees at the work place. It is also my responsibility to evaluate and conduct performance discussion with employees. In the course of my duty as a supervisor, it is expected of me to treat all employees fairly in a manner that does not demean anyone ( During my supervisory duty, it came to my attention that Balbito exhibited the following problems of absenteeism at work missing work for about two days a week. In addition, Balbito also had the following problems; falling sick at work frequently, missing deadlines, sleeping at work, problems with handling recruits in a professional manner and being at loggerheads most of the time with other co-workers. Consequently, the situation prompted me to take intervention and referral preparation for the employee prior to the actual intervention and referral. To this regard, it became worthwhile to put down on paper the performance problem as concisely and precisely as possible. In addition, it was necessary for me to prepare myself professionally for a constructive confrontation with the employee, Balbito ( The responsibility of diagnosing drug abuse or alcohol abuse is not among my duties. Furthermore, having all answers to problems of an employee is also not my duty. The responsibility of providing therapy or counseling is the duty of the EAP professionals not the supervisor. In my own perspective, these problems are mostly related to alcohol addiction. Although Balbito had earlier admitting having problems with alcohol abuse, I detected that it was rather an addiction. Balbito purportedly used alcohol for recreational purposes, but the symptoms of irresponsible handling of his duties suggested addiction of alcohol due to its use as a stress reliever. Since my professional requires strict supervision of the performance of employees, I intend to address the issue strictly with no sympathy in this context ( First, am going to summon the employee (Balbito) and express my concern regarding his performance as a human resource professional. In the most precise manner, am going to inform him of the problem of alcohol addiction that has come to my attention. Additionally, I will avail the documentation of the problem to him in a professional way as the supervisor. At last, I will demand an explanation from him regarding his performance. Since the employee (Balbito) had already admitted his problem regarding alcohol abuse, I will refrain from personal issues and frame the discussion strictly to matters pertaining performance to resolve his problem. In a professional perspective, am going to address my concern regarding performance to get the employee (Balbito) to acknowledge the performance problem. During the performance discussion with the customer, I will order the employee (Balbito) to stop reporting to work under the influence of alcohol since it has a negative impact on his performance. Adding to this, I will give the employee a fortnight to improve on his performance failure to which, he is subject to suspension from work for a period of one month. To make the intervention effective, am going to refer the employee (Balbito) to employee assistance program professional for counseling. By doing this, information concerning his privacy regarding this issue will be availed to him. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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