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How Coca-Cola Became a World Acknowledged Brand - Assignment Example

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This essay discusses that marketing is a tool that businesses use to create value for their products to capture the attention of their audience, which in turn comprises of the potential buyers of their products. Marketing includes aspects like advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales…
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How Coca-Cola Became a World Acknowledged Brand
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Download file to see previous pages He explains that a good marketing strategy includes caring about the customers’ values, understanding their necessities, as well as continued advertising. Caring, according to him, includes the ability to respect and care about target consumers' time. The consumers regard their time to be valid and generally avoid selling strategies that are cumbersome and hence, time consuming (Scotsman 2006). At the very same, Scotsman believes that gaining an understanding of the demands of prospective clients as well as getting an in-depth knowledge of their needs is essential. It also requires some qualitative as well as quantitative research. (Scotsman, 2006) Scotsman also emphasizes that a relevant marketing campaign centralizes on consistency. He says that despite the fact that marketing consistently is expensive, but in the long run, it is capable of yielding a greater return in profits. The management only needs to invest on marketing and exercise patience until their efforts bear the expected fruit. (Scotsman, 2006) There are two marketing strategies primarily; the push promotional strategy revolves around the different direct selling approaches deployed by the marketing team. Examples include decorative packaging, door-to-door selling, etc. On the contrary, pull strategy includes evoking motivation in the customers to seek out a particular brand’s product, for example offering sales discounts, mass media promotion, as well as making efforts to retain current customers and avoid threats like attrition. With the advent of Internet technology, new business models or sites such as business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C), have emerged which require the employment of different marketing strategies...
This essay analyzes that the strategy formulators should bear in mind a picture of the environment where they plan to execute their strategy and ensure its consistency with the traditional values, beliefs, and practices of that society. Coca Cola successfully shapes its strategies to attend to the values of the region whose audiences it intends to procure the attendance of. As marketing strategy need continual reviewing and revisiting with time, Coca-Cola ensures that it aligns the message within its advertisements to suit the needs and preferences of the people and give them the soothing feeling that the brand provides them just what they desire.Marketing is of significance not only for the large, powerful corporations like Coca-Cola that reign the market, but even the limited budget partnerships and other small-scale companies. It enables an organization to gain recognition amongst the public and create awareness about their offerings. As considered in the case of Coca-Cola, it would not have been as wanted as it is, had it not been for the advertising campaigns which are its foundation. Marketing also serves to clarify the doubts and misunderstandings that result after baseless scandals. Most importantly, the fact remains that where a substantive and attractive marketing strategy enables a company to sell products which might not be very promising in terms of their quality and reliability, a poor marketing strategy disables the company from persuading buyers to get hold of even their most versatile, unique and lasting goods. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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