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Girotti Cafe: Buisness Plan - Term Paper Example

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Girotti Café will be operated under the management of a sole trader. All other business structures were considered, such as partnership, however by maintaining sole trader status, all profits are enjoyed by the owner and there is much less liability. …
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Girotti Cafe: Buisness Plan
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Download file to see previous pages “Partnerships share the burden of ownership”, meaning reduced profitability (, 2011, p.1). The sole trader does not have to register at Companies House, another advantage. Girotti will specialize in contemporary and casual dining at affordable prices in an atmosphere that promotes socialization as well as catering to the fine dining customer with affluent preferences. Menu items and decor will reflect these advantages. The business and its objectives The aim of the business is to be a leader among competition, providing superior value in affordability and modernism. The short-term goals include: Achieving profitability within eight months of start-up launch Attain $500,000 revenues by first year’s end Create a long-term plan for expansion by year’s end into another profitable UK region. Girotti Cafe will provide typical European and American-style cuisine, ranging from casual pub-style entrees and appetizers to more elegant dinner dishes for the higher-resource consumer. Common menu items will include burgers, fish and chips, and various sandwiches, steaks and a wide variety of appetizers for the casual diner. Appetizer dishes will include locally procured oysters, BBQ ribs, and family friendly foods. The goal is to make Girotti Cafe a place where the casual diner can enjoy socialization in a modern atmosphere and also where fine diners can experience a quality variety of more upscale food options. Taking a lesson from many modernized restaurants in the UK, Girotti Cafe will plan its decor similar to the business model image provided on the business plan cover. Girotti wishes to stand out amongst competition in both style and modernism, providing customers with a memorable contemporary experience to gain word-of-mouth related to aesthetics. By creating a more open layout, it will provide incentive for socialization so that customers stay longer and enjoy the lung bar to provide more revenues in alcoholic beverage consumption. The business opportunity The name Girotti is unique, catchy and easily distinguishable from other restaurants with more sophisticated, French-sounding names in the region. By selecting a single, one-word name, it is easier to identify and thus can help in word-of-mouth advertising and also brand recognition. The business venture will be successful because of its devotion to aesthetic modernism with small-town pub menu options for the casual diner. The goal is to draw in a wide variety of demographics, thus the menu will include filet mignon and other specialties that appeal to business clients or those with more discretionary income. The business chose Oxford as location because of real estate prices and the high volume of demographics and workers. There are 120,000 jobs in Oxford, more than the working population of 109,000; better than the national average of employment (Oxford City Council, 2010). The population is currently 134,248 with growth estimates of 13 percent by 2020 (Oxford City Council, 2011). Furthermore, there are approximately 40,000 non-residents that travel to the city for employment, thus daytime population rates increase by 26,000 because of this (Oxford City Council, 2011). This will allow Girotti to be open during lunch and use a variety of promotion to gain their lunch-time interests. “Small plates are a popular way to keep the price manageable” as consumers have trimmed non-essential costs due to the recession (Rowe, 2010). Lunch and dinner crowds will be offered low-cost, small plate specials to ensure higher interest with menu items such as roasted cauliflower and gorgonzola stuffed olives at ?4-6 per plate. This will add to Girotti’s value proposition. The market The objectives can be accomplished through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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