Is there a negotiation between NGOs and companies, or does it start with a pressure - Dissertation Example

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This research aims to answer the next questions: What is the role of NGOs in the international business negotiation among companies, in the development of the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of the MNCs? How can NGOs’ position be improved in international organizations?…
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Is there a negotiation between NGOs and companies, or does it start with a pressure
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Download file to see previous pages Understanding the Firm-NGO alliances 25 2.7.5. Uneasy alliances: lessons learned from partnerships between businesses and NGOs in the context of CSR. 26 2.7.6. “Companies and NGOs- How Close is too close?” 27 2.7.7. The importance of governance structure in the B2N alliance 28 2.7.8. Equity 29 2.7.9. Alliance Contract 29 2.7.10. Equity Hostages 30 2.7.11. Negotiation 30 2.7.12. The Importance of Dialogue to the B2N Alliances 33 2.7.13. The importance of discourse and negotiations 35 2.8. Summary 39 Chapter Three: Methodology 3.1. Introduction 40 3.2. Hypotheses 41 Table 1. Research Questions and Hypotheses 42 3.3. Research Approach 43 3.4. Research Design 45 3.5. Research Strategy 47 3.6. Data Collection Method 47 3.7. Sampling 48 3.8. Procedure 49 3.9. Data Analysis 49 3.10. Summary 50 Chapter Four: Results 4.1. Introduction 51 4.2. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives 52 4.3. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of Royal Dutch Shell and the Role of the NGOs 53 4.4. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of British Petroleum and the Role of the NGOs 57 4.5. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of Royal Bank of Scotland and the Role of the NGOs 59 4.6. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of Barclay’s and the Role of the NGOs 60 Chapter 5: Discussions 62 Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendations 6.1. Conclusions 65 6.2. Recommendations 66 References 67 Chapter One: Introduction 1.1. Background of the Study Globalization has undeniably affected the people, the businesses and the entire world. Globalization is simply defined as the process by which the different states, markets, technologies and firms become integrated and interconnected (Baur, 2011; van Tulder, 2001). Evidently, globalization has become an...
The intention of this study is globalization that has undeniably affected the people, the businesses and the entire world. Globalization is simply defined as the process by which the different states, markets, technologies and firms become integrated and interconnected. Evidently, globalization has become an important facet of the twenty-first century. One of the more specific effects of globalization is the increased levels of trade and foreign direct investments worldwide. Furthermore, globalization has also facilitated the interdependence of the different economies throughout the entire world. In addition to what has been previously mentioned, globalization has also influenced the development of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as a response to the recent increases in private investment. Non-Governmental Organizations consist of citizens’ groups that are organized on a local, national or international level. There are generally, three types of NGOs, these are: (1) advocacy NGOs who are primarily tasked with the promotion of the governments or in international for the groups who do not have the capacity to do so; (2) operational NGOs, which primarily deals with the provision of goods and services to the clients who are in need; and lastly, (3) hybrid NGOs or those who perform both tasks previously mentioned. It is in this regard that NGOs are popularly known as those groups which are organized based on a certain issue. Most of the common objectives behind the establishment of the NGOs are the protection of human rights and that of the environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Is there a negotiation between NGOs and companies, or does it start with a pressure?" is quite popular among the tasks in high school. Still, this paper opens a brand new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the style for my own text.

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