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Analysis: The Olive Garden Restaurants - Case Study Example

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The service industries are highly dependent on the staff training and the way the business is managed. Restaurant industry is one of the industries which require closer and stronger communication and hospitality skills in the employees…
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Case Analysis: The Olive Garden Restaurants
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Download file to see previous pages The customers directly communicate and interact with the employees; hence, restaurant and other service businesses require closer attention and more detailed policies and trainings for the employees to tackle customer moods, complaints and expectations. Keeping in view these factors, the business under consideration lacks a number of important elements to run a successful hotel/restaurant. The food quality, timeliness, cleanliness and behaviors of staff are the most welcomed features in such a business. The most prominent problems in the case relating to the business and communication involve the following: Timeliness: The hotel and food industry require more attention towards the timeliness than any other industry (Russell & Taylor 2005). Olive Garden Restaurants are well known and obviously, it is not a frequent incident that Mr. Jones experienced as he mentions his likeness towards the Olive Garden restaurants. If we look closely, most of the complaints of Mr. Jones are somehow related to the late responses, services or long waiting time. Customer Dissatisfaction: The failure of business management is quite evident by the fact that a few customers were observed to be seated in the restaurant for dinner timings which should earn the business high revenues. The reason behind this failure of earning good revenues in the peak business hours clearly is the dissatisfaction of customers. There is a need to identify and incorporate issues in the business management and policies to increase customer satisfaction and, as a result, business revenues. Greeting and Seating: It is important to understand that running a restaurant requires more than a simple structure of serving and get payment. The restaurant industry is really competitive in terms of quality of food, service and taste. There is a need to properly manage different levels of restaurant by allocating sufficient staff at each level to greet, direct towards proper seating and take orders from the customers (Barrows & Powers 2008). The Olive Garden Restaurants lack trained staff for greeting the customer on their arrival and at the time they leave. Restaurant industry requires customers to have welcoming attitudes from the staff and urge them to visit the restaurant again. However, the behavior of the manager as well as other staff at Olive Garden Restaurant was quite unpleasant and inhospitable. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills: The communication techniques involve friendly tone, soft voice, pleasing words and respectable speech to welcome and serve the customers in any business. However, the Olive garden Restaurants lack most of these skills. The workers from the top to the bottom organizational level are either showing noninterest in the customers or harsh words (as shown by the manager). The non-verbal communication includes the gestures, postures, eye movements, facial expressions and so on. The unwelcoming facial expressions and tones as observed by Mr. Jones claiming the annoyance of the hostess and behavior of the manager are the pitfalls in the communication skills at Olive garden Restaurant. This is one of the biggest and devastating issues related to Olive garden restaurant. Cleanliness: Restaurant and food industries require clean and high quality food services to be provided than is the requirement in other manufacturing and service industries. People’s health is dependent on the food they eat, hence, restaurants require a properly clean dining in place for the customers along with a well trained staff to clean up and change the used tableware (Brown 2003). Olive Garden Restaurants showed a careless attitude towards this factor by taking Mr. Jones ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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