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Business Case of Curtin Hospital - Research Paper Example

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Curtin Hospital is one of the largest hospitals situated in the Western Australia. The hospital has been providing its best to the service of the nation since 1829.The objectives of the hospital has always focused on providing valuable service to the patients in all dimensions…
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Business Case of Curtin Hospital
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Download file to see previous pages To adapt to the substantial growth of the business, Curtin hospital needs to take technological help to reduce the workload of its employees. The business case study deals with the implementation of a clinical terminology system which will work in the background of the EDIS. The product will also feature ICD-10-AM mapping including the full details of the coding rules.

The case study focuses on the feasibility of the above mentioned system. The procedures applied for the case study underwent the option evaluation and came out with results favoring the implementation against the hiring of new personnel to reduce the workload and increase the effectiveness of the operation. The advantages and the disadvantages both in respect of the patients and the hospital authority were considered. Though the cost factor was significant enough and proved to be a major concern for the hospital authority but the preferred option which evaluated from the comparative analysis was significantly in favor of the ICD-10- AM encoder. The favorability of the project led to the devising of the project management strategy. Various areas relating to the implementations of the project were considered and their planning was done accordingly. Areas like manpower requirement, Funding of the project, operational policies and other social implications were considered and results raised concern for the future funding to be required for careful maintenance of the project, while other areas had satisfactory management control. Based on the plans for implementation, the milestones and stages of implementation were chalked out and the project was scheduled to be in full fledged operation in three months from the date of installation. In the stages of implementation much focus was given on the review stage and the benefit realization plan to access the benefits arising out of the project. T was noted that the benefits and the time taken to achieve them were satisfactory. The case study also focused on the risks to be associated with the project and clearly identified them along with their mitigation strategy. Every aspect of successful implementation were carefully analyzed in the case study. Introduction Curtin hospital is a leading emergency and the elective specialty hospital known for providing the best service to the community of Western Australia. It covers a community of people living in rural and remote area. The recent projects undertaken by the hospital includes research and the teaching activities. The popularity of the health service provided has become immensely popular over the years and most of the people choose Curtin hospital as their favorable destination for treatment. Curtin hospital has to deal with a large number of patients each day and they were looking for the automation in the business. In the process of the automation building they are looking to install a clinical coding system which carries out its performance with the help of ICD-10-AM which are used to interpret the correct code and looks to minimize the errors and cutoff the overtimes. The hospital will also provide morbidity data in a timely manner and carry out its work with the objective of the Health Information Centre. Background: ICD-10-AM encoder is designed to provide the full coding rules and application relating to the clinical communication and retains all the data stored along with the concepts. The clinical data under the implementation of the system will consist of all the minute details of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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