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This paper deals with the importance of currency wars in the determination of international import and export prospects for all countries. Every country wants to make the maximum profits for itself by engaging in trade with other countries and this can be ensured b currency manipulation…
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Business Dissertation about Currency Wars
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Download file to see previous pages The report gives a literature review on the topic and also explains the rationale of the study. It discusses the studies and opinions of many analysts, who have clearly mentioned in their views the connection currency wars, and trade, exports, imports and grey imports. The research is believed to provide crucial knowledge on the impacts of currency wars as a strategy to boost exports and contract imports. Interpretive research methodology has been used in the data collection and analysis.
The research approach has been qualitative as well as quantitative and case study method has been applied.
A case study of the Euro, USD, AUD and Yen has been used for the research purpose, which has helped to answer the research questions. The case studies have comprised of theoretical and analytical frameworks. During the entire research program, all the ethical issues have been taken care of, and the purpose and procedures of the study have been clearly declared. The dissertation explains all the procedures applied for data collection, the results that have been obtained, and a clear analysis based on the examinations has been provided. Based on the analysis, a view has been provided on the importance of currency wars, in the light of international trade....
I am also much obliged to my supervisors who guided me with their timely advice, feedbacks and suggestions which aided me in attaining the expected standard of work and keeping me punctual as per the scheduled deliveries of dissertation chapters. Table of Contents Serial no. Topic Page no. I Introduction, Aims & objectives and Research Questions 8 I.1 Introduction 8 I.2 Aims 10 I.3 Objectives 11 I.4 Research Questions 11 II Literature Review 13 III Research Methodology 29 IV Findings and Analysis 36 V Discussions 55 VI Conclusion 58 VII Recommendations for future Research 61 References 66 List of figures Figure no. Topic Page no. 1 Devaluation improves Balance of trade 15 2 Nominal Exchange Rate between Euro and USD 40 3 Standard Deviation in USD relative to Euro 42 4 Nominal Exchange Rate between USD and Yen 47 5 Standard Deviation in Yen relative to USD 48 6 Nominal Exchange Rate between Euro and AUD 53 7 Standard Deviation in Euro relative to AUD 54 List of Appendices Serial no. Topic Page no. Appendix A Nominal Exchange Rate between Euro and USD 64 Appendix B Standard Deviation in USD relative to Euro 64 Appendix C Nominal Exchange Rate between USD and Yen 64 Appendix D Standard Deviation in Yen relative to USD 65 Appendix E Nominal Exchange Rate between Euro and AUD 65 Appendix F Standard Deviation in Euro relative to AUD 65 II) Introduction, Aims and Objectives and Research Questions: I.1) Introduction: The term ‘Currency War’ was coined by Guido Mantega, the Finance Minister of Brazil, in 2010. (Draghi, 1) Currency War is a “battle over the value of each nation’s currency and the impact it has on their trade relationships” (Willis, 51) It is a competitive devaluation strategy of the government for the generation of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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