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The analysis of the non-store retailing sector in the UK - Essay Example

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The venture is intended to be related with the non-store retailing of paperback books in the UK market. The concept of non-store retailing was introduced by the late 1990s. The supply chain in the particular segment is concerned with the channels such as vending machines, direct selling, and other similar elements…
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The analysis of the non-store retailing sector in the UK
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In the former years, the retail sector was recorded to fall significantly although the non-store retail sector was identified to grow with record hikes. One of the fundamental reasons was the fluctuations in the political environment of the UK. This depicts that political factors have a significant influence on retailing sector of UK but has a minimum affect on the non-store retailing sector.
Economical Environment
The economic factors have a significant impact on non-store retailing sector. The current trend in the economic environment of UK is identified to have rising tax rates by 20%, decreasing employment rates as well as increasing inflation that can cause significant turmoil to the venture in terms of fluctuating demands.
Social Environment
The social indicators of the UK depict to support the non-store retail segment to a large extent. The current trend in the industry reveals that shoppers are increasingly tending to consume products/services through non-store channels developing UK retail market to be among the largest online markets of the world. (Pinnington, 2011). Technological Environment The non-store retailing sector is largely depended on the technological factors in terms of internet marketing and machineries that support vending out of stores. Currently, the technology industry in UK is witnessed to grow significantly that in turn provides substantial support and opportunities to the non-store retail business (Robinson, 2010). 1.1.2. Product Feasibility: SWOT Analysis Strengths: Are available at cheaper rates than hardbacks Convenient while travelling and are also referred to as travel books (Shaffer & O'Donnell, 2011) Weaknesses: These products have a significant demand among individual customers but are not quite favoured by library customers Are considered to have inefficient quality assurance in comparison to hardbacks (Shaffer & O'Donnell, 2011) Opportunities: Increasing demand for cheap products in the book publishing industry Lower production cost in comparison to hardbacks Can be distributed through various channels rather than only through retail stores (Shaffer & O'Donnell, 2011) Threats: The rising significance and demand for e-books are notably among the biggest threats of the paperbacks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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