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This essay describes how CompTac wants to bring a breach of contract suit against Electrotex. CompTac would have to petition for an international copyright on the software first. This is the only way to prevent the company in Vietnam from pirating the software CompTac sells the company…
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 CompTac wants to bring a breach of contract suit against Electrotex. Electrotex is headquartered in New York, and CompTac is headquartered in California. The companies are not both located in California. CompTac cannot bring the suit against Electrotex in state courts of California. Breach of contract cases can also be heard in federal court. Because Electrotex is in New York, and CompTac is in California this would cross state lines. When two companies are located in two different states when one company wants to bring suit against another company the company filing suit will have to file the suit in federal court not state court. So, CompTac will not be able to bring suit against Electrotex in state of California court, but rather in federal court.
When a customer trips over a cement block in the parking lot of a store, the store is not necessarily responsible for negligence to the property. However, this customer saw that the cement block fell off a truck from the same company as the store. CompTac is legally negligible when the block fell off of a CompTac truck. When the block fell of the truck someone on the truck, or who worked for CompTac was supposed to immediately pick up the block. If someone had immediately picked up the block then the customer would not have tripped over the block, and broke her leg, however, no one who worked for CompTac immediately picked up the block.
When one of a company’s key employees leaves the company the company is going to suffer a loss. However, the company does not always have a claim to recoup some of the losses caused by the untimely departure of a key employee. Because this key employee at CompTac was under a contract to complete a specified amount of time with the company and still made an untimely departure, CompTac is eligible to sue the key employee to recover some of the losses the company faced when the key employee left. Because the employee was under a contract and left the business early the key employee was in breach of the contract signed by him, and CompTac. So, CompTac has the right to file suit against the key employee to recover some of the losses CompTac suffered when the key employee left. CompTac would file suit against the former employee in court citing a breach of a contract.
Yes, Green committed a crime. Green committed hacking crimes, as well as a white collar crime known as employee theft. Even though Green returned the money the next week and no one noticed the discrepancy in the accounting books. These transactions to and from his personal checking account would still reflect in the CompTac records. These transactions can still be linked to Green. Green is guilty of laundering ten thousand dollars from his employer’s business checking into his personal checking. Then Green laundered the money back to the accounts at CompTac in an attempt to be honest. However, Green should have been honest to begin with and never laundered the money from his employer into his personal checking. When the accounts are audited, these transactions will reflect on the company’s statements. The company can file criminal charges against Green, as well as terminate Green’s employment with the company.
I would implement a rating system of some sorts. I would continue to market the game to older teens, and adults. These kinds of games are suitable for older teens. The parents of younger teens, and children might agree with me that if their children were a little older then the game would be suitable for their child to play. However, because the game is not marketed to just older teens, and adults some younger teens, and children are beginning to discover the game, and are beginning to reflect the actions taken by the characters in the game. This is what has so many educators, parents, and other public committees outraged, that because of the violence the younger teens, and children are beginning to become more aggressive. This is not something that happens to older teens, and adults when they play games like this. I would stand behind my decision citing that older teens, and adults can handle the responsibility of playing games with violence.
CompTac would have to petition for an international copyright on the software first. This is the only way to prevent the company in Vietnam from pirating the software CompTac sells the company. If the company then begins to pirate the software the company will be in violation of an international copyright law, and CompTac will have a claim against the company for infringing the copyright of the software. Read More
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