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Food Biotechnology - The Production and Growth of Vegetables and Fruits - Assignment Example

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This paper "Food Biotechnology - The Production and Growth of Vegetables and Fruits" focuses on biotechnology that enables farmers to plant crops without the application of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides since the GM crops already have inputs of protecting them from pests and diseases. …
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Food Biotechnology - The Production and Growth of Vegetables and Fruits
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Extract of sample "Food Biotechnology - The Production and Growth of Vegetables and Fruits"

Download file to see previous pages This also means that customers will not to have to use a lot of funds for food because the cost of producing is less (Liles, 2011).
Using biotechnology in both the production and growth of vegetables and fruits has allowed scientists to modify the way fruits and vegetables ripen. Normally, vegetables and fruits continue to mature after harvesting (Liles, 2011). Therefore, they must be rushed to the marketplace and sold fast while they are fresh. Genetically produced fruits and vegetables can be collected when ripe. After they are harvested, the ripening process stops. This gives the fruits and vegetables a longer shelf life than the organically produced fruits (Liles, 2011). These genetic modifications also boost a plants resistance to pests, disease, herbicides, insecticides or even severe weather conditions. Genetic manufacturing has also altered a plant's dietetic makeup, making it richer in various minerals or vitamins than organically produced fruits.
In spite of harvesting countless of genetically produced plants, experts still do not have a comprehensible understanding of how these genetic modifications affect the human body in the long run. This is because these food kinds of stuff have been accessible since the early 90’s (Liles, 2011). Monsanto, the main GM seed developer in the globe and the institute that offers most research answers to the FDA, argues that the GM seed is undamaging to humans. Nevertheless, some experts have found that GM plants have, in reality, alter the lifespan of humans. The GM plants have also caused diseases to insects and also altered their cognitive abilities, which feed on these plants. Another disadvantage is that the genes might be transmitted to other crops that they are not planned to go in and lead to difficulties since the transmission of the genes would not be recognized (Liles, 2011). Consumers might get an allergic response to the food when they eat food that is contaminated with the bacteria or gene transmitted via cross-pollination unintentionally.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Food Biotechnology - The Production and Growth of Vegetables and Fruit Assignment.
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