Mendelian Law and Inheritance of Anthocyanin - Term Paper Example

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On day 1, the seeds of F1 Brassica rapa species were selected from Wisconsin Fast Plants *F1 Non-Purple Stem, Hairless* and planted in a 13cm×9cm plastic container that is divided into 6 sections with two holes at the bottom of every section in a row of 3 seeds per section. A…
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Mendelian Law and Inheritance of Anthocyanin
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Extract of sample "Mendelian Law and Inheritance of Anthocyanin"

Fajr Alkusair Melanie Shields Methods and Materials Timeline A 63 days practical experiment was conducted in a laboratory room at the ofColorado Denver by planting F1 Brassica rapa seeds from an ANL/anl genotype in a 78-85°F temperature.
On day 1, the seeds of F1 Brassica rapa species were selected from Wisconsin Fast Plants *F1 Non-Purple Stem, Hairless* and planted in a 13cm×9cm plastic container that is divided into 6 sections with two holes at the bottom of every section in a row of 3 seeds per section. A 3-inch layer of soil with 1 fertilizer pellet from the brand Miracle-Gro called Shake ‘n Feed was put on each section of the tray. After planting, the seedlings were watered on a daily basis with tap water and provided with LED light from a fluorescent tube to enhance growth. The distance was measured to be 14.5 inches between the LED light and the bottom where the watering trays were placed; the light was 3 inches above the growing plants.
The 7th day, there was notable change in the appearance of the growing plants such as leaves becoming wider and roots turning purple. The plants continued to receive light and water.
On the 14th day of the experiment, observations on the newly grown plants with purple roots were noted. On the 21st day, grown flowers were made to cross-pollinate with an approximately 19 cm thin soft brush by holding the flower gently with the tips of two fingers, and lightly transfer pollen from one plant to another. The light was still available for the growing plants, but it stopped getting water. The plants kept on growing over the 28th day and 35th day.
On the 42nd day, some leaves started changing color to yellow and more seedpods were growing. Keeping in mind plants stopped being watered. Day 49, the flowers started to drop off and the leaves changed to yellow and the plants were still not watered to ensure the pods got dry. Then started the harvesting and germination process of the  seeds by breaking the seedpods after pulling them out of the plants, then collecting the seeds, and then counting them, which came to a total of 1481 seed for the entire class. Afterward, F2 seeds were spread in a 51cm×24.5cm plastic tray with soaked tissue ready to germinate. There were no holes in the tray, and it was covered with a clear plastic lid.
A week after spreading the F2 seed in the moist plastic tray, purple and green plants have grown. Seeds were separated into two categories; green plants and purple plants. After separating the green from the purple plants, they were counted individually. The total number of purple plants was 780 while the green once were 323.
Table 1
Calculating Chi-Square of green and purple plants
1) Observed (o)
2) Expected (e)
3) Deviation (o − e)
4) Deviation2 (d2)
5) d2/e
d2/e = 10.67
Since there are two categories being tested, the purple and green plants, this means the degree of freedom is equivalent to (df) = 1. In the Observed (1) row, the results show 780 for the purple plants and 323 for the green plants. The Expected results (2), were 780 for purple and 267 for green. The Deviation (3) row was calculated by subtracting the observed from the expected, which resulted in 780 – 827 = − 49 for the purple and 323 – 267 = 49 for the green. In step (4), the deviation is squared to give the same values in the purple plants: −49 × −49 = 2209 and green plants; 49 × 49 = 2209. After squaring the deviation, the values were divided by the expected in step (5) for both green and purple. Step (6) included solving for , where the values from step (5): 2.67 purple and 8.00 green were added together to give 10.67.

Table 2
Phenotype counts for all of the lab sections
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