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The Impact of Exercise, Jumping on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure - Research Paper Example

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The following research paper represents a description of multiple experiments aimed at the investigation of physical activities impact on the heart rate and blood pressure. The writer would share the results of such experiment and analyze using specific methods…
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The Impact of Exercise, Jumping on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
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Download file to see previous pages During exercising process, the body acclimatizes by enhancing its capacity to draw in the oxygen by increasing the breathing rate; the lungs expand in volume to accommodate the extra oxygen requirement (Raj et al., 2005; Watanabe, 2003). The availability of oxygen and force increase the circulation of blood rich in oxygen to the muscles for the continuation of exercise. However, during rest, the muscle capacity decreases, which lowers the blood flow and the breathing capacity leading to reduced pulse rate. The experiment aimed to test the differences in heart rate and blood pressure before exercise (resting status), jumping, and two minutes after jumping.
The materials needed to carry out the experiment include the pencil and paper for recording the data, the room for carrying out the jumping jack, a group of participants (14) with equal numbers from both sexes, and a timer or a stopwatch. The participants were prepared by allowing them to rest for about 15 minutes. Besides, they were allowed to take enough water during the exercises because bodies lose water while exercising. The procedure involves requesting participants to place their fingers under their wrist and count the heartbeat for 30 seconds. The number gotten was multiplied by two to get the heartbeat, the same procedure was repeated after taking 20 jump jacks. The same procedure was used to record the heart rate while resting.
The findings relate to previous findings that found that continuous exercising conditions the heart to get more efficient in carrying out the exercise (Raj et al., 2005; Watanabe, 2003). There were significant differences between the resting data and the data obtained during exercising. These show that increase in exercise increases the heart output to acclimatize with the requirement of oxygen and blood to the muscle cells involved in the exercising process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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