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How Salt can be separated from a Solution of Water - Essay Example

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Sodium chloride that is referred to as a common salt is made up of an ionic compound of sodium and chlorine ions through ionic bonding. It exists in solid form and an aqueous state when dissolved in a given solvent, like water. The salt disintegrates wholly when dissolved. …
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How Salt can be separated from a Solution of Water
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It was concluded that sodium chloride disintegrates in water to sodium and chlorine ions that are surrounded by polar water molecules. This allows dehydration of the compound NaCl•2H2O to form crystals of salts. The compound salt has many usages from the different fields of science, agriculture, industries and domestically as a food additive.
Salt, which is a naturally occurring mineral and having the principal component as sodium chloride, has many uses both industrially and domestically. NaCl is a common salt, and it has an ionic compound formed as a result of gaining and sharing of electrons by sodium ions and chloride ions. The salt is responsible for the sea water salinity and in organisms that are multicellular, the salt forms the extracellular fluid required in cell activities.
The salt was anciently used as a form of currency in some of the cultures as a result of its cost especially when salt trade was of importance in the Mediterranean times. Domestically, the salt id edible is it adds taste to almost all meals consumed in the human diet. Additionally, the salt is used as a food preservative and as a condiment.
Lastly, the salt is used industrially in extractions of different types of compounds like chlorine and sodium in chemical synthesis. This report explains the method in which a dissolved salt, NaCl can be separated from water using the solar method process. The process of evaporation is involved since water will be get rid of leaving behind the salt. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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