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The documentary uses the latest technological advancement in medical imaging and microscopy to highlight the processes that occur in the womb once…
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Life's Greatest Miracle
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Life’s Greatest Miracle Introduction The documentary, Life’s Greatest Miracle, examines the reproduction process from conception to the birth of a new human life. The documentary uses the latest technological advancement in medical imaging and microscopy to highlight the processes that occur in the womb once fertilization takes place. Male and female reproductive systems are different. The testes contain large quantities of sperms while the female reproductive system has a number high-quality eggs. The DNA is a significant molecule that passes hereditary information from one generation to the other. The processes such as meiosis are critical for the variation that makes the offspring to possess better traits than their parents do. The division of the cells and development of the embryo into a fetus through the formation of vital organs results in the birth of a child.
The documentary indicates that the sexual and asexual reproduction is significant in the propagation of life. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) plays an important function that involves the carrying of human genetic information, which is useful for the development of new human life. The DNA offers each human being unique traits. Sexual reproduction creates variation and improves the survival rate of the species. The process of meiosis, which entails the combination of genes, confers a unique set of characteristics. Fundamentally, the human body has an unquestionable urge to reproduce and the union of the sperm and ovum results in an embryo. Fertilization leads to the combination of hereditary information and forms the building blocks of the new human life. Melinda and Sergio’s story underpins the significance of the DNA in passing the hereditary information from one generation to the other. Evident in the documentary, the two partners wonder the appearance of their baby. Melinda and Sergio contemplate whether the baby will have its father’s eyebrows or that of the grandmother (PBS). The conversation between the two shows that the offspring have a certain percentage of DNA from the previous generation. Hence, DNA is a crucial molecule that carries hereditary information.
The embryo undergoes developmental stages to become a fetus and eventually a fully developed baby. The multiplication of cells results in specific body parts. Notably, blood vessel forms at the first three weeks, followed by the development of the primitive backbone, brain, and the eyes, as well as other organs that comprise a functional body system (PBS). Genes play a critical role in turning on and off various processes during the development of a new life. Parturition completes the long journey of making a new human life.
The human genome project has advantages as well as disadvantages. The project can improve the diagnosis of disease and detect genetic disorders (Sateesh 136). In effect, the application of the suitable treatment for the disease is suitable through the proper diagnosis of diseases. Similarly, the DNA forensics can offer full proofs in disputed parentage, rape, and criminal justice. However, the notable disadvantages of the genome project entail restriction of the gene pool, and interfere with the natural selection leading to loss of diversity (Sateesh 137). In addition, the project might violate the genetic privacy.
The creation of a new human life involves several developmental stages. The process starts with conception and ends with parturition. Meiosis is a significant process that leads to a variation in the genes, and increases the rate of survival. The deoxyribonucleic acid is a crucial molecule that passes genetic information from one generation to another. The conception of life is impossible without fertilization. Nonetheless, the unquestionable human urge to reproduce has ensured a continuous generation of new life.
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