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The phot51 held a key principle needed by Crick and Watson to obtain a version for the formation of DNA. The Photo51 shows a pattern that was used…
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due: Photo51 The photo51 is an X-ray photograph generated by Rosalind Franklin, who was conducting a complete X-ray diffraction studies on DNA. The phot51 held a key principle needed by Crick and Watson to obtain a version for the formation of DNA. The Photo51 shows a pattern that was used to outline adenine-thymidine and guanine-cytosine in Watson and Crick model. Here was a scientific discovery that could explain how hereditary work (Anholt & Mackay 51).
The Photo51 had crucial information that indicated the diameter of the DNA molecule to be 2.0 nanometers. It also revealed that the backbone is on the external of a molecule that contradicted Watson and Click models. The Watson and Click models showed the backbone of a molecule to be located at the center and the bases diffusing outward. Watson and Crick recognized that if the bases were organized to point inward, then the DNA width can move toward 2.0-nm like illustrated in Photo51 (Fitzgerald-Hayes & Reichsman 22).
Rosalind Franklin discovered a specific well-determined X-ray diffraction pattern of a DNA fiber in Photo51. The DNA fiber was utilized to explain the 3.4Ᾱ distance between the 34Ᾱ periodicity of the helix and base pairs. In addition, the photo51 revealed the actual dimensions of DNA diameter and molecule (Anholt & Mackay 51).
The photograph assisted Watson and Crick to conclude that the DNA molecules constitutes of two strands. The two strands are double helix that runs in opposite directions. The information was employed to construct a three-dimensional structure of DNA that demonstrated to be accurate (Anholt & Mackay 51).
In conclusion, the Photo51 opened a new window in scientific history by discovering the formation of DNA. The dimensions revealed in the photograph assisted in the accurate development of a DNA structure. The information disclosed the composition of the genetic code.
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