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Facts on Bowhead Whales - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that people do not understand about the importance of whales but just like the numerous sea creatures unknown to mankind, they deserve exposure to the world and given a chance to be recognized and appreciated for their unique color, monstrous head, and its unbelievable size.  …
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Facts on Bowhead Whales
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Download file to see previous pages The bowhead whale is a rare kind of whale as it lacks the dorsal fin, which is useful for balance creation, but its large body assists in the balance. Of all the animals in the world, the bowhead whale has the largest mouth which is renowned for its upturned lower jaw.
The bowhead whale whose habitat is in the Arctic region is also known as a Greenland right whale or an Arctic whale due to its habitat. It spends its entire life in the Arctic which is fertile and does not even move to the low altitude water during its reproduction. The only other time it moves is during summer, when it may move for visits in straits, estuaries or even bays, and then it returns to its freezing Arctic ice. These bowhead whales can live between 100 and 200 years even though it is difficult to estimate its exact age from the lack of teeth. Its reproduction begins when the whale is over 10 years old and its gestation period is 13 months. The most interesting fact in the reproduction of the bowhead whale is that its female species undergo menopause similar to that of female human beings.
The population of the bowhead whale is continually decreasing with the current population standing at an average of 10,000 whales down from a population of 50,000. The reduction has been associated with many threats with the leading one being the threat of being hunted by humans. The whale has valuable parts and is hunted for its blubber, oil, baleen, meat and other parts by commercial hunters. In order to control the reduction in numbers and extinction of the whale, the natives of Canada and Alaska who hunt the whale for subsistence use have been cautioned to limit their hunting. Other than hunting, the other threat that has contributed to their population reduction is toxins that have accumulated on the sea in the Arctic and which have not only affected their health but largely their reproduction.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Facts on Bowhead Whales Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 3.
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