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Well, we first had the rotary dial telephone. You placed your finger in the slot and turned the dial until it stopped. Initially you had to call the local operator who would then place the call to where you wanted but in the mid-60s, this was replaced and I remember…
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Common book
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Assignment [Due Q1. How did you communicate with one another when you were young in the 60s and 70s?
Ans1. Well, we first had the rotary dial telephone. You placed your finger in the slot and turned the dial until it stopped. Initially you had to call the local operator who would then place the call to where you wanted but in the mid-60s, this was replaced and I remember everyone talking about long distance calling. We didn’t have to call the operator anymore and could call directly. After sometime, we got a push phone with buttons on it. This was in the 70s.
Then there was the telegram. This was mostly used by offices in the 70s to send a message to someone who did not have a telephone. The message was received the same day and it was relatively cheap. Letters and the postal service was another method. There were transistor radios as well, these were new radios that could be carried anywhere.
Q2. What about the internet? I am sure you have seen the beginning of it all.
Ans2. Well there was this thing called the teletype. It was a huge machine that could communicate with another machine of its type. Computers started replacing the teletype slowly. I think it was the 80s when the modem was introduced. It used the landline to connect to computers. I am not sure how it worked but you couldn’t call if the modem was in use. It was mostly an office thing.
Q3. What about the television?
Ans3. Television was a very new thing when I was young. We didn’t get one for a long time but lots of people I knew did get it. It was magical at first. They said that the radio and print will soon become obsolete. We saw so many things on the box like other cultures and world views. It really opened your eyes.
Q4. So how do you think technology has changed the way we communicate?
Ans4. It has changed it immensely. Letter writing was an art form and sitting down with a nice fountain pen and some good quality paper to write a letter was really something. A lot of effort went into buying postcards and writing those letters. It all meant something. Now its all about instant messaging and instant gratification. You can connect in seconds and its all so cheap. We had to think twice before making a call.
Q5. So are you saying that technology has made things worse?
Ans5. I wouldn’t say that. You look at the television now or the internet and you can see that it has a lot of good uses. There is information at your fingertips and easy access. Anyone can open a YouTube channel and communicate with millions. But I do know that personal or one on one communication has suffered. Since we put in so much time to talk to someone else, it all meant something. There was heart felt thought behind every word. Read More
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