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In some ways, nutrient cycling is quite similar to what is happening inside a magazine office. There are also environmental phase which comprises…
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Connection journal about nutrient cycling
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Connection Journal: Nutrient Cycling Nutrient cycling involves the process of storage and transfer of nutrients through various components of the ecosystem (Inamdar, 20). In some ways, nutrient cycling is quite similar to what is happening inside a magazine office. There are also environmental phase which comprises the abiotic components and the organismic phase which comprises the biotic components. Within the magazine office, nutrients such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen represent ideas for the upcoming latest edition of the magazine. Ideas may come from any environmental phase or setting – air, water or soil. Meanwhile, biotic components may refer to various staff or personnel who takes up the nutrients or ideas for publication.
Now that we are quite familiar to the connection that we established, let us take nutrient cycling inside the magazine office. Ideas are always present in the atmosphere, just like nitrogen. Ideas can be converted into functional ideas with the help of creative staff. It is comparable to the role of nitrogen-fixing bacteria that converts nitrogen to nitrates. Next, the creative director takes in the ideas of the creative staff and forms the cover and photo concepts. The same goes through with the cycle when plants take in nitrogen and form proteins. The next level of hierarchy goes to the managing director who is constantly in contact with the creative director and consumes the proteins formed within a span of time. In the absence of both the creative and managing director, the tasks may not be completed and eventually phase-out. When both plants (creative director) and animals (managing director) die or become absent in the process, proteins (final ideas) formed decompose into nitrogen in atmosphere. In this case, the role of the editor-in-chief to oversee the whole process takes effect until the editor-in-chief establish constant contact again with the creative and managing directors or until the cycle starts again.
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