How does fire frequency influence tree species diversity in the boreal forest - Research Proposal Example

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The Boreal Forest is the largest terrestrial biome when considered by the area in the globe which has vast wetlands, forest and permafrost that…
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How does fire frequency influence tree species diversity in the boreal forest
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Download file to see previous pages Its unique characteristics are quickly changing as a result of human and natural pressure and this area is expected to be one of the most rapidly impacted regions of the world by the climate change that is ongoing which might lead to degradation of the Boreal eco systems in the end (Shvidenko & Apps, 2006).
Canada is the largest producer and exporter of forest products with most of these products coming from the boreal forest that is there and therefore it may not come as a surprise that Canada has an advanced forest industry and also a forest management that is equally advanced. This has not stopped the forest in Canada from being significantly affected by changes that are occurring in the natural disturbances that include wild fire and insect outbreaks that have been taking place in the last few decades (Shvidenko & Apps, 2006).
It is expected that the Boreal forest in particular will be vulnerable to disease, fire and competition from other tree species as the climate changes continue to be experienced and the weather gets warmer but the natural replacement in forest will take some time (Louiseize, 2005). Fire spread is not only a function of weather, but it also depends on topography, fuel load, types and spatial arrangement as well as active suppression and this therefore means that the fire spread simulations for everyday fire management require a large amount of information that is site specific (Pueyo, 2007).
Being able to predict future fire activity that is related to climate change is a leap towards appreciating the future state of the Boreal ecosystem since the natural disturbances are usually controlled by the interplay between biotic and abiotic factors. Forest fire is the dominant natural disturbance that exists in Canada’s western Boreal forest where the fire regime of a particular area reflects the integration of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does Fire Frequency Influence Tree Species Diversity in the Boreal Research Proposal.
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