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 This assignment "Centromere - Definition, Function" discusses a living body which is made of cells. The assignment analyses the structure of the centromere. A normal human chromosome has one centromere, and under a microscope, it appears as a constriction …
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Centromere - Definition, Function
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 If situated in the middle part, it is a metacentric chromosome. A distance slightly away and further away from the center it is a sub-metacentric and acrocentric chromosome respectively. A centromere is important in cell division, in a process called mitosis (Genetic Science Learning Center, 2012). During mitosis, there is cell division. If the chromosomes do not reach the correct destination, the process of mitosis fails. This means that cells cannot divide properly without centromeres. The centromere is a region of specialized chromatin where chromatin refers to the DNA carried in chromosomes. It serves as a site for sister chromatid attachment during mapping in cell division.

The fascinating about it is that the centromere is very small, but without it, the process of mitosis fails which could lead to chromosome instability or cancerous cells. The field of study of centromeres has many surprises not yet discovered. Nothing much was known about the centromere until recently other than it being the part holding two sister chromosomes. Now scientists know that it is the most crucial part in mitosis. The centromere protein is being studied and how different amounts affect the cell division. It will be interesting to see discoveries in this area.
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