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The author identifies whether cloning embryos should be linked to reproductive cloning, or the two issues should be kept separate. The author also answers the question of whether a human embryo is a person and explains how might cloning babies create more inequality in society if they were safe.  …
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Stem Cell and Embryos
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These two issues must be linked together because they all both include the idea of reproduction. Reproductive cloning in the first place substantially includes everything about genetic matters in the same way as cloning embryos (Bonnicksen 169). In a highly technical sense, they have common grounds which could be substantially used as a potential argument for their basic commonality.

Genetic diversity is a very important concern in cloning (Bonnicksen 169). If cloning babies were safe, then those who have superior genetic modification will most likely prevail in some circumstances. For example, this is depicted in the movie Gattaca, where there was a distinction between valid and invalid person. Those valid have a higher value in society because of their advanced genetic makeup. Cloning babies, therefore, is a special concern because it brings with it social, political and economic issues, which at the moment are vital matters linked with inequality. For example, cloning is expensive so not all will benefit from it, only the powerful few.

Curing genetic diseases is a vital promise of stem cell research. In this case, the government should promote it and further encourage more experimentation. However, since stem cell research substantially includes genetic concerns, the government should ensure important guidelines and even regulation for this matter.   Read More
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Stem Cell and Embryos Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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