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The Phenomena Of Colony Collapse Disorder In Honeybee Populations - Essay Example

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The phenomenon of honeybees’ Colony Collapse Disorder was noticed after the winter of the year 2006. The writer of the paper "The Phenomena Of Colony Collapse Disorder In Honeybee Populations" discusses the implications of the disappearance of honeybees…
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The Phenomena Of Colony Collapse Disorder In Honeybee Populations
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Extract of sample "The Phenomena Of Colony Collapse Disorder In Honeybee Populations"

Download file to see previous pages The symptoms include, among others, the presence of younger honeybees, around the healthy queen bee as the older and adult honeybees leave the hive, without coming back to it. In addition, studies have shown that the apparently visible symptom could be the absence of wax moths, or small hive beetles or other hive pests that could invade the beehives.
The causes of CCD could include different virus causing diseases like American and European foulbrood, Nosema and other disease-causing pathogens, as their presence is alarming to the honeybee population. In addition, the invasive pest species also causes CCD. However, a combination of various pathogens would be responsible for CCD, rather than an isolated virus.
The other major factors responsible for the large disappearance of Honeybee populations are chemicals that would be present in the beehive and the environment, while honeybee growing into a monocropping agricultural system can also be a cause for CCD as proper nutrition is not allowed for the honey bee, to grow naturally. While these factors and other causes of CCD are described below, it is important to mention here that scientists are still trying to isolate any pertinent causes, including the use of chemicals and behavior of honeybees, responsible for CCD that has resulted in national worry as agriculture produce is getting severely affected due to this phenomenon.....(University of Arkansas, 2009)
Earlier known as Fall Dwindle Disease, CCD is the dying process of healthy honeybees colonies, which makes them disappear, within a very short span of time, just around three weeks. The apparent indications are that the workforce of such colonies comprises mainly young bees and they are reluctant to consume the provided feed. After this collapse, no adult bees are left, while no invasion takes place to rob the colony of its food that still remains there. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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