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An Understanding of the Evolution of Crying - Research Paper Example

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As a function of seeking to understand the uniquely human process of crying, this brief analysis seeks to provide an understanding of human evolutionary development as it relates to the process as well is putting forward, analyzing, and drawing inference from some pertinent theories on the topic. …
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An Understanding of the Evolution of Crying
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Extract of sample "An Understanding of the Evolution of Crying"

Download file to see previous pages Naturally, an evolutionary understanding of the process of crying necessarily requires both a biological, physiological, psychological, and sociological approach. Accordingly, each of these approaches will be analyzed at some length been the preceding analysis. Likewise, in addition to analyzing Charles Darwin and his theories put forward in The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals, current research within the past seven years on the topic will also be heavily relied upon in order to draw a level of inference an understanding on to the subject matter at hand. As with many forms of scientific analysis that seek to draw inference with regards to the early evolution of mankind, it is not always possible to draw directly upon the extent/hard evidence in order to prove the complexities surrounding such a level of emotional and survival – linked behavior. Rather, it is necessary to draw upon current evidence and help to link it to the needs-based approach that has so often been proven to exist with regards to the biological process of evolution. “The primary function of the secretion of tears, with some mucus, is to lubricate the surface of the eye, and a secondary one, as some belief, is to keep the nostrils damp, so that the inhaled air may be moist, and likewise to favorites power of smell. But another, and at least equally important function of tears is to wash out particles of dust or other minute objects which make it into the eyes” (Darwin, 2007). From such an observation, the reader can easily determine that although Darwin was cognizant of the fact that human tears were an exhibition that was unique within the animal kingdom, he did not seem to place a very high value on the way in which the emotional excretion of tears was important or relevant to the evolutionary process itself (Coulson, 2011). Naturally, such an oversight simplifies the expression of tears and calls into question why humans have developed such a response in such stark contrast to the other members of the animal kingdom.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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