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Recommendation report in comparing two water provision methods for an arid region - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# Table of Contents Introduction: 1.1 Aim 1.2 Information Specific to Region 2 Background 2.1 Water Problems Around the Globe 3 Presentation of Options 3.1 Option 1 3.2 Option 2 4 Requirement of Options 4.1 Cost 4.2 Environment 5 Comparison of Options 5.1 Cost 5.2 Environment 6 Recommendations 7 Conclusion 1 Introduction Although a litany of resources often spring to mind when one considers the needs humans have…
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Recommendation report in comparing two water provision methods for an arid region
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Extract of sample "Recommendation report in comparing two water provision methods for an arid region"

Download file to see previous pages As such, the burgeoning human population, loss of natural environments, and desertification that is taking place around the globe all have a profound impact upon the availability and quality of the water resources that can be leveraged. 1 Aim This particular analysis will be concentric upon comparing to water provision methods in an otherwise arid continent; Australia. It is the hope of this author that be detailing the strengths and weaknesses of two approaches to water provision, the most appropriate, efficient, reasonable, and cost efficient means can be integrated as a means of providing the population with access to the most basic and fundamental resources required for life; liquid water. 2 Information specific to region ( water situation )- evidence. With regards to the lack of water that the continent of Australia currently must integrate with, the reader should understand the following points: Australia exhibits the lowest overall level of rainfall of any of the 7 continents Australians exhibit some of the highest per capita water usage rates in the entire world Global climate change threatens to cut future rainfall even furtherin Australia More specifically, with regards to the total per capita water usage that the average Austrlian exhibits, studies indicate that this is in excess of 120 liters per day. As compared with over 66% of the rest of the world that uses 60 liters or less in any given day, this is a two fold increase per capita; thereby representing something of an insatiable demand for a scarce resource that is only growing scarcer. Moreover, when one looks at the current water storage facilities that exist within the major metropolitan cities of Australia, these storage facilities are only operating at around 30-40% capacity; denoting the fact that the ability to store and retain water is negated by the incessant demands of the populace. This of course denotes the need for conservation as well as finding, utilizing, and exploiting further hydro resources within the continent. 2 Background 1 Water problem around the word although it may seem convenient to approach the water resource shortage in Australia from purely a regional perspective, the fact of the matter is that water shortages, as well as overall purity of these water resources, is an issue that globally effects 780 million people. As has briefly been discussed within the introduction and regional information overview, two factors that continue to have a profound and noticeable effect on the existence of water shortage issues is the growth of the world’s population in tandem with the changes to precipitation that global climate change have affected. Due to the fact that many previously populated regions of the world have experienced a great degree of desertification, the extent to which the natural environment can continue to provide the ever increasing demands of the native population comes into question. Environmentalists and researchers are in agreement that unless fundamental changes are made with regards to the way the world’s water resources are utilized, within the next few decades the access to water will become a far greater issue than it is currently. 3 Presentation of options As a means of ameliorating the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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