The Autonomic Nervous System - Essay Example

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The autonomic nervous system derives its name from two words, namely auto meaning self and nomo which implies govern. …
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The Autonomic Nervous System
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"The Autonomic Nervous System"

Download file to see previous pages Each pathway comprises of a preganglionic neurone as well as a postganglionic neurone. Within the sympathetic system, the synapses between these two neurons are located near the spinal cord. On the other hand within the parasympathetic nervous system, these two neurons are located near to, or within the effector organs (Tortora & Derrickson 2009). The effects of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems normally oppose each other. They are termed as antagonists, thus is one system contracts a muscle, the other usually relaxes it. The balance between the two systems concisely regulates the involuntary activities of the organs and glands. Exceptional to note is that it is feasible to control consciously specific activities of the autonomic nervous system through training. Some examples in this include control of the anal and bladder sphincters. With regard to nerve impulse transmission process, the sympathetic nervous system stimulates effectors and produces noradrenalin as the neurotransmitter at nerve junctions. In contrast, the parasympathetic nervous system inhibits effectors and produces acetylcholine at the nerve junction, otherwise called the synapse (Tortora & Derrickson 2009). The autonomic nervous system comprises of motor neurons which innervate smooth and cardiac muscles as well as the glands. These neurons also ensure optimal environments conditions within the systems to ensure maximum support for body activities. The neurons operate via subconscious control and have viscera as most of their effectors. Within the autonomic nervous system, the preganglionic fibers release acetylcholine as the major neurotransmitter. Postganglionic fibers release norepinephrine or acetylcholine whose effects can either be stimulatory or inhibitory. The neurotransmitter effects within the autonomic nervous system on target organs are dependent on the neurotransmitter released. Additionally, such effects are dependent on the type of receptors expressed on the effector organs. The divisions of the autonomic nervous system serve similar visceral organs but cause opposite effects. These divisions exemplified by parasympathetic and sympathetic categories help in maintaining homeostasis. Precisely, the sympathetic division mobilizes the body during activity while the parasympathetic division conserves the energy within the body. The role of parasympathetic division is well illustrated when a person relaxes after taking a meal. In such a circumstance, the division plays a role of keeping the energy level consumption as low as possible. As such, the heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rates are kept at lower concentrations. However, during such circumstances, the gastrointestinal tract activity is high as a result of digestion. The skin is warm while the pupils are constricted. On the other hand, the sympathetic division is a good depiction of fight or flight system. This division allows the regulation of activities during exercises. In such scenarios, the system reduces the flow of blood to organs while it increases the flow of blood to muscles. Its activity is illustrated by an individual who is under a threat and as such, the heart rate increases with rapid and deep breathing. Additionally, the glucose levels in the blood are high because this important sugar is released from the liver. Furthermore, the skin is cold and sweaty while the pupils of the eyes are dilated due to alertness. Parasympathetic div ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Physiology of Organ Systems
The normal body functions are regulated mostly by our central nervous system. The specific pathways of regulation are however different based on the system affected. The autonomic nervous system has a major function in managing the normal processes of the cardiovascular system with the interplay of pressure, volume, and chemical receptor signals.
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Automatic Nervous System
Age- related changes and environmental temperature play a significant role in the sympathetic vasoconstriction effect of the autonomic nervous system. Actually, the episodes of fainting when he stands is normally seen in the elderly upon suddenly arising from a reclining or sitting position as long as the average decrease in the blood pressure is just around 20 mmHg of the systolic BP, or 10 mmHg of the diastolic BP, and 10% to 20% increase in heart rate.
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Substance use
Sympathetic nervous system is associated with the fight or flight response within the body. It has an effect on every organ of the body. The sympathetic nervous system dilates the pupil, increases the heart rate, inhibits gastric motility, and increases sweating.
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Autonomic Regulation of the Cardiovascular System
Furthermore, this system holds a prominent role in controlling a variety of cardiovascular systems, which include the control of blood pressure and heart rate. Additionally, the autonomic nervous system is essential, because it delivers life-giving oxygen and a variety of other nutrients to the body (American Physiological Society, n.p, n.d).
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The Role of the Nervous System and Reflex Arcs in the Body
The basis of all CNS activity is reflexes which occur at brain or spinal cord levels. It is really surprising that most of our important bodily functions are nothing but reflexes, for example, breathing or digesting food. Sometimes we are well aware of the reflex action but in some cases these actions happen almost without our knowledge.
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She should be asked to give a broad smile. She should be asked to widely open her mouth so that the examiner could check the movement of uvula. She should be asked to protrude her tongue and then, it should be noted if the tongue deviates to left or right. The patient’s
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Autonomic Nervous System
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As the author of the essay puts it, the Central Nervous System form the major portion of the nervous system and includes both the brain as well as the spinal cord. Furthermore, some classifications of the Central Nervous System also include retina and the cranial nerves as part of the Central Nervous System.
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