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Mitosis - Lab Report Example

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Mitosis Abstract: The living things are made of cells. There are two types of cells they are unicellular and mutlicellular. The multicellular cells divide somatically by mitosis. In this process, the each cell divides into two daughter cells. These cells divide by a process called mitosis…
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Mitosis Lab Report
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Extract of sample "Mitosis"

Download file to see previous pages The prepared and preserved slides were observed under the microscope. The different stages of the mitosis such as interphase, prophase, meta phase, anaphase and telophase of the cell along with the cytokinesis were identified and the stages were differentiated. Introduction: All the living things are made of cells. In a multi-cellular organism, two types of cell division occur: they are mitosis and meiosis. Mitosis or Somatic cell division is the process in which one cell divides into two equal cells with genetic identity. The cell division is necessary for the growth and development of the cells. The transformation of information from one generation to another is called heredity and the genes which are the fundamental part of the chromosome are responsible for the transformation. The chromosomes are present in pairs. Each pair is responsible for a specific part or function in the cell. These chromosomes are distributed equally in new cells during mitosis. Mitosis is thus described as the chromosomal division. This chromosomal division is accompanied by the cytoplasmic division called as cytokinesis. The mitosis along with cytokinesis results in the formation of two daughter cells. This is also called as cell cycle. Cell cycle is the period in which the cell divides and becomes two daughter cells. ...
There are four stages in mitosis. They are prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. (Allen and Harper 2011). Prophase is the first stage of mitosis which is visible. The chromosomes, which are randomly distributed in the cytoplasm condense to form the distinct part. They are held in a single line. Metaphase is the stage in which the chromosome is attached to the centromere through the spindle fibril. The centromeres are connected to the centrioles and the centrioles pulls the chromatids to the opposite directions. This step initiates the cell division. Anaphase is the stage where the chromosomes move to the position of centriole. The chromosomes are seen as complete sets in the opposite side of the cell. Telophase is the last stage of mitosis in which the chromosomes begins to loosen itself from the thicker rigid structure into thin filaments. The division of the cytoplasm starts at this particular point. Materials required: Prepared slide of Allium root tip Prepared slide of white fish blastula. Microscope. Method: 1. The prepared slide of allium (onion) root tip was mounted on the microscope. 2. The 4x objective lenswas used to focus the centre of the slide. 3. The cells undergoing the four stages of mitosis such as prophase, metaphase , anaphase and telophase were identified in the slide using the 10x magnification. 4. Using the 40x magnification in the microscope, the distinct chromosomes and the other cell structures were identified. 5. Similarly, the whitefish blastula slide was mounted on the microscope and the blastula sections were observed using the 4x magnification. 6. Then 40 x magnification was chosen to examine the chromosomes. The cells in each phase of mitosis were identified. Result: For the Onion Root tip: 1. In the interphase stage, nucleus, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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