Human DNA Engineering and what is the conscience of changing human raise... (bring Wars/ lost of moral) - Research Paper Example

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Name Subject Professor Date Human DNA Engineering and what is the conscience of changing human race The world has changed and is constantly changing. Man is in the pursuit of achievements, innovations, upgrade and advancement. There is something that keeps humanity driving itself upwards to ever higher levels of achievement and this even goes beyond the need for survival or even the concept of natural selection…
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Human DNA Engineering and what is the conscience of changing human raise... (bring Wars/ lost of moral)
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"Human DNA Engineering and what is the conscience of changing human raise... (bring Wars/ lost of moral)"

Understanding more about human existence and live life based on the possibilities of higher evolution is something humans crave for. Evolution is a growth process that helps humans adapt and change to new opportunities and not just threats. And now given the state of the environment and the escalation of technological developments, is the need to evolve is evident (Quantum Change)? Human Genetic engineering has been the topic of the century after the success of cloning an animal during the early 90’s. The possibility of reproducing another human being passing the natural reproduction has been alive since then and has gathered tons and tons of scientific and moral opinions of whether it is righteous and should be pursued or way beyond humanity’s moral grasp and should be aborted. Biologically speaking, genetic engineering can be similarly defined as an evolution in the design of mans DNA but is different in the manner of execution. Evolution is a natural process and in the study of biology, according to Darwin’s natural selection, it took almost all species hundreds or even thousands of years to physically adapt to such environmental changes. Genetic engineering is far advance if compared to the natural adaptation process for it alters the DNA from the beginning to have the desired genetically engineered outcome. Cloning as people of the scientific world calls it, offers a breakthrough in human genome science and would change the whole face of the history of human existence. Religion calls it dismay to God’s natural ways, the social norms got stormed with different issues and yet the society must decide whether to support its pursuance amidst the many issues it is faced. What could be the future of genetic engineering? If given a chance to happen, genetic engineering can take out undesirable genes in human development. It can basically program an outcome of a genetically engineered person. Basically speaking, it is like having what is only desirable for a person—having genes that will have aesthetically desirable physical outcome such as pointed nose or a slender body or even emotional or cognitive values such as having artistic nature. All these are possible in genetic engineering because basically genes and DNA makes up a person and altering it will make such changes. Gene testing is also a significant issue in the field of DNA engineering. Through this the world will be free from genetically born abnormalities such as Trisomy 21. It can actually test the genes of the growing fetus of what it bears and what it will become once born. But the issue of morality on this is very high and controversial. Termination of the growing embryo once diagnosed to be bearing genetically undesirable traits is deemed as mere form if killing and moral enthusiast and the religious fights for the rights of the unborn despite the presence of genetic malformation. Thus amidst this breakthrough in human existence conflicts continuously arise. Moral debates still continue to arise. High failure rates and high morbidity rate experience from animal cloning strongly suggests its inapplicability to humans. Clone animals seem to suffer high deformity and disability rates (UNESCO 12). These risks are not morally or ethically right to bring a human clone to being, if successfully made, just to suffer from Read More
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(Human DNA Engineering and What Is the Conscience of Changing Human Research Paper)
Human DNA Engineering and What Is the Conscience of Changing Human Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/biology/1461124-human-dna-engineering-and-what-is-the-conscience.
“Human DNA Engineering and What Is the Conscience of Changing Human Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/biology/1461124-human-dna-engineering-and-what-is-the-conscience.
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