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Make one up - Essay Example

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USGS Bird Population Name: Institution: USGS Bird Population It is easier for an individual to identify generalist birds than specialist. For generalist, one way to identify them is by how they adapt to the environment. They can easily adapt to a new environment considering that ecosystem is being chopped up…
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Make one up
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Download file to see previous pages The red winged black birds are categorized as generalist birds because they can adapt to a different environment. The red winged blackbirds are found in Southern Alaska, Yucatan peninsula, Canada, and California. The birds keep migrating to various parts of the continent depending on the season. During winter, the birds migrate to southern and central parts of United States. They inhabit open grassy areas such as wetlands. They also inhabit saltwater and fresh water marshes especially if cattail is present Great Blue Heron The Great Blue Heron species have characteristics that make them categorized as specialists. It is among the large wading birds in the Heron family. Great Blue Herons have distinct features such as reddish brown thighs, light feathers, and grey rusty neck. They have long green legs with the males having a puffy trail of feathers behind the head. The males are lighter than the female. The birds are rare to find and do not easily adapt to new ecosystems (Peterson, 2010). Unlike the other birds, Great Blue Heron fish for food during the day and at night. They like doing most of their activities early in the morning and at dusk. The birds feed on fish, salamanders, snakes, frogs, among other aquatic insects. Herons swallow their food as whole after they catch them. The birds cannot feed on other food apart from aquatic food, which is a characteristic of specialist. They have unique behavior since most of the activities are either done in the morning or at dusk. The herons are said to be private, and never hunt in groups. However, during breeding, the birds do so in groups. When not hunting, the birds sleep in a flock of about one hundred. The birds are extremely territorial and always defend their nests. American Dipper The American Dippers are specialists. It is a thick dark, gray bird with some having a brown head and white feathers on the eyelids. The white eyelids cause the eyes to flash white as they blink. Both male and the female look alike. They have short tails that are often raised up. American Dipper feeds on insects and their larvae, small fish and fish eggs. They look for food in water or at times over turn a rock to expose the prey. In order for them to survive in such conditions, the birds have lots of feathers, slow metabolism and the ability to carry oxygen for a long time. The birds prefer living on rocky and unpolluted streams. Cliffs on the stream or bridges help them build nests. However, the birds prefer to build their nests on mountainous streams. This is a characteristic of specialist species. They can survive on cold climate and can eat only insects on land and fish (Ross, 2011). American Robin American Robin can live on the road, and in the forest which is a characteristic of generalist. The type of birds can survive in both cold and hot climate which is another characteristic of a generalist. The bird is a member of the thrush family and the name American Robin came about because the bird resembles a similar bird in Great Britain. Most of them feed on berries, worms, insects and larva. Most of them are seen looking for worms which they take to their young ones. American Robins live in forests, urban areas, and on road sides. The birds can survive in different ecosystems (Ralph, Sauer, & Droege, 2012). Snail Kite Snail Kites are specialist since one can only get them in three areas; they have specific food and living in specific places means that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Make One up Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1)
Make One up Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
“Make One up Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1”, n.d.
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