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Skin Cancer: Are Tanning Beds a Safer Alternative - Research Paper Example

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No: Date: Skin Cancer: Are Tanning Beds a Safer Alternative Skin cancer is the most common disease that is reported in America. According to the research 1 0f 3 people are suffering in skin cancer. Skin cancer is the growth of skin from different reasons and different amount of malignancy…
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Skin Cancer: Are Tanning Beds a Safer Alternative
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Download file to see previous pages Dermatologists and skin specialists have told that tanning bed or sun lamps and direct exposure to the sun is the main cause of skin cancer and people have to protect themselves from unharmful rays from the sun and tanning beds. There are two research methods which are used for collection of data that are qualitative research method and quantitative research method. Quantitative research method is a scientific research method in which observation is collected through scientific process while qualitative research method is a non scientific method. In qualitative research method, data is collected through observation and asking questions. I have use qualitative research method for the collection of data. I have collected this data after reading books, reading renowned articles as well as through asking questions from some skin specialists (Gibson, 2012). A sun bed, a sun tanning bed and tanning bed is an instrument or a machine which releases ultra violet rays in a range which creates cosmetic tan. Tanning beds are usually consisting of florescent lamp having phosphor blends are created in that way which releases ultraviolet rays in a range just like sun rays that is why, it is also known as sun lamp. Home tanning beds are usually consist of 12 to 28 lamps. These all lamps are of 100 watts. The tanning machines which are used in salons consisting of 24 to 60 lamps. Every lamp consists of 100 to 200 watt (Boyles, 2008). There also high power tanning machines which are expensive than common tanning machines. These tanning beds generate UVA and UVB through quartz lamp, reflector systems and filters. Tanning booths are similar to tanning machines but in tanning booth person have to stand and the power which is used in the booth is higher. According to research, tanning beds are not safer alternative to stay away from skin cancer. Tanning machines are not safe machines; it can cause skin cancers because of the high power ultra violet rays. There are no such machine is invented till yet which is used for tanning. According to the studies, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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