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Modification of the Organoleptic Properties of Plant Based Foods - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: OUTLINE Introduction The introduction speaks about the connection between human senses and the surrounding, and gives a brief description of flavor. The section also describes the types of human senses, and gives the functions of each…
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Modification of the Organoleptic Properties of Plant Based Foods
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Extract of sample "Modification of the Organoleptic Properties of Plant Based Foods"

Download file to see previous pages This section basically explains the relationship and connection between food and the human senses. Food Taste and Color This section shows how people associate the taste of food with the food’s color. It also highlights and describes how people paint a bright picture of food in their minds based on the smell. The section explains how restaurants use the color knowledge to attract and retain customers. Taste of Organic Foods This section gives reasons why there is a greater consumption of organic foods more than conventional ones. It also gives reasons for the different tastes between organic foods and conventional foods. The section explains why people prefer organic foods compared to conventional foods. Texture and Foods This section explains the relationship between different foods and texture. It also shows how the texture of food determines or influences foods that are consumed and those that are not, and how texture determines the quality of plant based foods. Food Modification This section describes the processes human beings have used to modify the taste and smell of plant based foods. It also explains the reasons why food is modified. Flavor and Color Additives This section illustrates the technology used to affect the flavor and color of different foods, and briefly illustrates how the process is done. The section also explains the role of flavor and color additives to various foods. Smell Flavorants This section is about smell flavorants. It explains the source of smell flavorants and how they are used to affect the flavor of plant based foods. It briefly describes different types of flavorants and explains their effect on consumers of food. Artificial Flavors This part of the paper describes how artificial flavors are made. In addition, it talks about the use of natural flavors, and why they are considered safer than natural ones. Conclusion The conclusion is a comparison between conventional foods and foods that are grown by organic means. It also requests people to be vigilant on technology that is used on foods. This section also gives a brief summary and overview of what was discussed in the paper. Modification of the Organoleptic Properties of Plant Based Foods Introduction Senses help people to perceive objects. Humans contain a number of senses that are traditionally recognized. They include taste, sight, hearing, touch, and smell. Humans have a weak sense of smell compared to animals while animals may not have some of the traditional senses. The sense of sight enables human beings to see and recognize objects based on prior knowledge. Blind people are not able to see other people or objects. The sense of hearing enables an individual to perceive sound. Hearing is aided by vibration. The sense of taste enables a person to perceive the taste of things like food. The sense of taste is made up of saltiness, sweetness, bitterness, and sourness. People acquire tastes through taste buds. The sense of smell is achieved through the nose and the olfactory receptor neurons. The sense of touch is experienced when there is pressure on the skin. Flavor is a blend of smell and taste perception (MacFie and Meiselman 41). This paper will look at how laboratories and science are changing the way human senses have been impacted by plant based foods through scientific innovation and modification.  Human Senses and Food The sense of taste has some bearing on a person’s food choice and preference. When a person describes the taste of food, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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